What is Esthessentials?

You may notice that the name of this blog is very strange, in fact, you may not even be able to pronounce it. That is the point. I want to present and create something truly different because I believe one of my biggest qualities is my uniqueness. It was actually my mum who helped to come up with this site name, it was just an ordinary day and I realized my name "Esther" could be mixed with the word "Essentials" which made "Esthessentials." But, what is Esthessentials truly all about? 
It is about giving every female the true essentials she will ever need... It is about giving a woman the Beauty Essentials, Fashion Essentials and not only that, it is about advising the woman to have essential time with God, which I will call Faith Essentials. Last, of all I want this blog to empower females into believing that they are essential in society today! I will call this: You are Essential. 
This vision came about with the feeling that God wanted to expand me, He wants to expand all of us! In my previous blog, I felt like I was restricted because I was not exploring my other passions which included fashion and beauty (of course I am still grateful for my previous blog but now I can enlarge the vision), now with Esthessentials I can talk about the whole package!
I hope creating this blog will help women realize how beautiful they can be inside and out.

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