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As part of my summer plans, I have talked about the idea of doing a modeling campaign for my #womenhaveavoicetoo movement in order to bring forward attention towards this movement. I have decided to put this idea into execution and find models (mainly female, but if males are interested in also modeling I won’t stop you guys from coming forward because I believe any individual can believe in this movement). I need about 10 models in total and the idea is that you will be modeling the branding merchandise I am in the midst of designing, these will be black and white t-shirts paired with some jeans and trainers (just simple and casual). A total of maybe 20 photos will be taken at different angles and areas within the location (which is yet to be determined yet) but I will let you know closer to the time. The date I have decided for the model campaign to take place is at the end of July or the beginning of August, while we still have this good weather! I would love for people to come forward for this campaign as I am so passionate about highlighting how significant a woman’s voice is in today’s society, in a society that may not always recognize our value.

If you are interested in signing up for this shoot please contact me at the details for more information I have placed below. I am excited to hear from you!

In addition, this shoot doesn’t require any prior modeling experience and I am not looking for anything specific (physically) because I believe we are all beautiful inside and out no matter the shape/size or race, we should be able to advertise this. Please if you are interested include the size you usually wear: SMALL, MEDIUM OR LARGE.

This opportunity will only be available up until the end of July.

Contact details:

Email address: estheroku@aol.com

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