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A voice. Placed inside of us but hardly ever heard and why is that? Because society is so afraid of what will happen if we start to speak our truths if we begin to stand together against the obstacles and challenges placed in front of us daily. We females are strong and we have power in our voices, I am so tired of not being heard, I am tired of accepting the way things are because that is how 'it has always been.' God wouldn't have given us the grace to be royal daughters, He wouldn't have placed this amazing seed inside of us just for us to sit down and be content with where we are He is always pushing us to do better. We can longer be voiceless, instead, we must stand up and shout so much that even the Heavens can hear us.

My movement: #WOMENHAVEAVOICETOO is built upon the fact that society patronizes us women to be quiet because they know what we have to say has weight. Wherever women gather together failure is impossible!

Follow my Instagram account for this movement: EstherWHAVT

I will be posting and be expectant for some serious social change!!



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