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Can you slay denim on denim?

Denim on Denim is such a disliked and misunderstood combination and I could never really understand why because, if you look good in it what does it matter?

Now that I have come to think of it I don't think I have ever worn denim on denim, or maybe I have and I just didn't realise...

Why do I think denim on denim is so misunderstood? Because wearing basically the same thing is often frowned upon! For example: if you see someone wearing a denim t-shirt paired with some jeans you will either think 'oh they should have worn a different shirt or they shouldn't have worn jeans' or you may think ' 'that's a bit lazy, could have tried a bit harder' (if you are very opinionated like myself) or finally if you are a really nice person you may say 'they look good.' But, what some individuals do not understand is that a classic is called a classic because it simply looks effortless. Effortless can be a great thing you know?

I believe denim on denim is a classic. It is a classic because 'denim' as a material looks good no matter what it is paired with, it is also a classic because literally everyone wears it and anyone can slay in it. Denim may just seem 'casual' but when you wear it well you can look great!

How can you wear denim well?

1. Have that little something extra to make the denim truly stand out. For example: a nice belt or pair of shoes.

2. Slay with a natural but beautiful make-up look (you could simply do eyebrows and highlight, there is no need for heavy eyeshadow) or hairstyle to help give the denim a voice, it will say "damn I look good"

I will give you an example of someone who wears denim well and she did this using both of the suggestions mentioned above.

This is Adesola, isn't she stunning? She really slayed in this denim on denim look, the shoes and the hair made the look complete and perfect.

If she can slay denim on denim you can too!

I want to see more denim on denim looks this summer so if this look shown above has inspired you to try this style out, send a pic to my email and I will post it on my blog, I am sure you are going to look amazing!

Email address: estheroku@aol.com

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