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My nails are pretty clawtastic right?

The title of this blog-post is very unusual. I have claws! When I say that I have claws I am really referring to my nails and their stiletto shape. I believe I discovered this nail shape around two years ago when I properly started to get into the routine of doing acrylics. Now that I know about the stiletto nail shape I don't ever want to go back to the boring old square shape or the dull almond shape. I actually did square shaped acrylics a couple months ago and I couldn't wait to take them off because they lacked excitement, they weren't me at all...

When I upgraded my nails and their colour around 2 weeks ago, I immediately posted them on my snapchat and not long after I started to receive some comments, for example: "Omg Esther I love the colour!" and "these nails are so nice and are so you!"

If anyone knows me well you know that I love a bit of drama (drama is basically my middle name) and the stiletto shape gives me that exactly!

These nails also scare people a bit, when one of my friends at uni for example saw me they said "who are you trying to kill with those nails?" I bursted out laughing because obviously that's why I got the stiletto shape so people will be scared... (just kidding) but, what I am trying to get at is that it is like my nails have a personality of their own!

Me and my nails are practically best friends because whenever I look at them (especially in the light) I cannot help but smile.

For those that are like me and are looking for a bold and eccentric nail shape or for those who are just looking to try something new, get out of their comfort zone stiletto shape is the one for you.

The best type of colours for this nail shape I have discovered are: pink, red, orange, yellow and can even include colours like dark brown or burgundy.

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