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Why is wearing fish nets a trend this summer?

Summer is the season of bikinis, summer is the season for looking hot and not caring what anyone thinks. We love to be brave in summer because the sun has been brave for even coming out! Especially in a country like England, the sun loves to hide or worse it comes out for one day and the next day it will return back to its shell.

Summer is not a season to be shy and with bikinis I believe the best thing about putting a bikini on is the confidence you feel afterwards. Yes, as females we are showing off our bodies but it is much more than that, it is about feeling comfortable in our own skin! I have to say I love whenever a woman can feel confident, be proud of their body and not have to care about what people will say. I think this is my favourite thing about summer, we dare to be beautiful and confident.

However, in this summer season there can be some setbacks, some coverage and I believe this new trend of 'fishnets' (well this particular piece of clothing looks like 'fishnets' to me, you are of course allowed to disagree). is an example of a summer setback. Courtesy of Missguided.com I came across this piece of clothing and it reminded me of an outfit I saw on Love island on Dani Dyer. I found the 'fishnet' to be a strange addition to the bikini and wondered why she wouldn't want to wear the bikini on its own?

In my opinion I don't believe this extra piece of clothing is necessary. I believe the bikini shown in the photo above can be stunning on its own, even if you wanted something a little extra in order to spice up the look you could add some popping shades just like the model above for instance. My advice: wear the bikini on its own, rock the bikini on its own, in order to walk with confidence do not let yourself be masked by anything!

I will continue to focus on summer trends so stay tuned and get ready to slayyy!

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