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How do you know God is ready to expand you?- Esthessentials was a vision given by God

Esthessentials came to me through a revelation given by God, before receiving this revelation I was even thinking very seriously about taking a break from blogging (from my old blog) because I had forgotten exactly what the reason was as to why I was blogging in the first place, this worried me a bit.... because I was focusing more on my writing rather than focusing on what God was telling me to write. Additionally, with my old blog I felt restricted because I felt like I didn't have space to include all of my passions, which included both fashion and beauty and I know that these two elements are a part of my purpose.

I knew that I had a mission/calling to tell women they are not only beautiful on the outside but they are also beautiful on the inside. I also knew I had a calling to make sure women walked with confidence in every area of their lives, I knew I could do this with my fashion advice. I know I could have easily created the space on my old blog in order to do this but I felt God pushing me to start again from scratch. Feeling this, I then started to create my brand now blog on Wix last week Monday and I cannot explain it but with every step of the design I felt like it wasn't my own power helping me with the design process, it was the power of the Holy Spirit and at the end of it all just like God said at the end of His creation I looked back and 'saw it was good.'

How did I go from feeling like I wanted to take a break from blogging to create a brand new blog?

I felt like it was my season for God to expand me. Right now, I am going through an amazing journey with God, I am hearing Him more and more, I can feel His presence everywhere and I know He is aligning my destiny.

One day I was asleep and God reminded me of the word Esthessentials (a word me and my mum developed as an example I could use to name my brand) and just then a flash of an image appeared in my mind- it looked like a blog, soon after I heard God saying "start again." Sometimes when God is trying to expand you He will tell you to start all over again, it is a risk but if you have faith in God the risk will be worth it, trust me!

I love the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11 because it is a word of encouragement.... God has a plan for all of us, a plan to give us a hope and future! You will fulfil your purpose, if you haven't yet it is most likely because God is preparing you and it isn't your season. God's timing is better than your own timing because He knows the past, present and future!

God is ready to expand you when He knows that you have prepared and He feels it is time to take you out of your hidden place. Although I was taken out of my hidden place with my previous blog, this time with Esthessentials He is moving me to a bigger platform!

I am so excited to take you on this journey with me and my blog Esthessentials!

I give all the glory back to God for giving me this vision.

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