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Is Feminism doing more harm than good today?

I have already said that I identify as a feminist. If you had asked me last year if I was a feminist I would have been confused and probably would have said no because, I had always pictured feminists as people that hated men, wanted a world without men and just went around hammering their beliefs into everyone they see.

However, now I have realised that my calling is to liberate women and set them free into their purpose, passions and manifestation of their gifts especially when society is so male-dominated and male-orientated. I have also realised that my calling is to give women a voice in today's society because I believe that we are not heard as much as men, we are constantly being patronised into being quiet simply because we are not valued as much as the opposite sex. After realising all of this I started to identify myself as a feminist, but I do not identify myself as a radical feminist because I do not believe men are the enemy.

As a Christian I believe men are just as necessary as women are, if men were not necessary God would not have created them. He created Adam for a reason and He created Eve for a reason.

I am a feminist that believes in the equality of both male and females. I believe we both need to be equally heard, equally appreciated, equally valued and equally paid for doing the same job and so on.

Nowadays I believe feminism has drifted into more of the negatives compared to the positives. Feminism is supposed to have a positive impact in today's society and I do believe we are supposed to be including men through listening to their beliefs, even through listening to their oppositions so that we can learn and be prepared for more types of oppositions. As feminists we cannot be excluding men the same way we have been excluded THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF FEMINISM.

One of my friends at uni even referred to feminists as 'female bullies' and when he said that my face just dropped! But instead of abusing him I simply asked why he thought that. He replied saying that feminists go around blaming men for literally everything and men are always being presented as the enemy. He also went onto saying that if men try to disagree with what a feminist has said we will be called a sexist, which isn't fair simply because they have an opposing view.

So, the question is: Is feminism doing more harm than good today?

I believe today feminism is acting more defensive and are focused more on bashing men, which I do believe to some extent is understandable because there has been more sexual harassment/abuse and things have not changed much in terms of women being accepted into higher/senior positions.

But, I do not believe that we should be focusing all our efforts on hating men instead we should be working on how to change the biased system. All females should be working and putting their heads together in order to feel empowered and in order to feel ready to make their mark in society.

With movements like #TIMESUPNOW and #METOO they have begun to work at this by allowing females to speak their truths and agreeing together that it is time for change. However, there needs to be MORE of this and less of blaming men 100%

Or else... Feminism will continue to do more harm than good!

I believe this topic really needed to be spoken about especially considering what is going on in today's society.

Stay tuned for more blog-posts regarding how you can be essential. Please don't forget you are essential!

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