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You NEED this Toofaced chocolate gold palette!

First of all, I have to thank my best friend Juliana (who also has a blog btw, you should really check it out I have linked her name to her website!), she was the one to bless me with this amazing and exquisite palette. Since she gave it to me I have literally been using it every single day, the colours are simply gorgeous and every single shade has great pigmentation. Isn't this the ideal you want to find in a palette, to have each and every shadow POP?

I knew that I couldn't keep this palette to myself, it would be too selfish. Everyone deserves to know about this palette because it will make any 'make-up look' emerge as striking.

I need you to realise how amazing this palette is and if you love shimmers you are going to especially love this palette.

I am more of a shimmer girl than a matte girl, but I guess that has to do with my personality I need something bold and eccentric. Do not fret however, because if you are a matte type of girl this palette has some beautiful matte shades to create a nice, neutral look.

I haven't even mentioned the best part about this Toofaced palette... IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! When I first opened the palette I could smell something delicious and as I put my nose closer to the shadows (I know, a bit weird right?) the smell became stronger, I started to think am I imagining the smell, was I just hungry? Then I looked at the back of the palette it said the different shades were infused with cocoa butter and smells like chocolate. I thought to myself WOW! Not only are shades pigmented and of great colour but, it also smells like one of my favourite snacks. Although, now after every time I apply my eyeshadow I will be craving chocolate!

This palette is a bit more on the expensive side: £39.00 however, you will not regret investing into this palette I promise! I cannot stress enough how amazing it is.

Why say it when I can show it, here is the look I created yesterday: Sorry the camera quality isn't that amazing and you cannot see all the details, I am just starting to get the hang of photographing my make-up looks!

So, for yesterday's look I decided to do a smoky and silver look (as you can see from the picture I love love to use shimmers, especially from this palette).

Let me now give you the exact steps on how I created this look:

1. First conceal your eyelids, I have really gotten into the habit of doing this because it mattifies the different shadows I use onto my skin.

The concealer I use is LA GIRL PRO (my absolute fav concealer). I got mine off Ebay for the small price of £2.10!

2. Then I moved onto applying a base colour to my lid, just with my finger. The colour I used from the Toofaced chocolate palette was 'Rolling in Dough.'

3. After this I moved onto working on my cut crease and I did this using my blending brush of course. The shade I used was: 'Classy & Sassy.' I didn't need too much product because it is such a pigmented colour as you can see vividly in my pic above.

4. Then, I moved onto focusing on the smoky effect I wanted for this look. As you can see from the pic above I created the smoky effect on the corner of my eyelid, unfortunately I am not completely sure of the brush I used and its name (sorry)... the shade I used for this part was the colour 'Decadent.'

5. Now I moved onto the front part of my eyelid to apply the silver part of my make-up look. I did this using a flat eyeshadow brush, once again I didn't have to use too much product because the pigmentation is just PERFECT. The colour I used was: 'Dripping Diamonds.'

6. Here comes the finishing touches... for my lower eyelid I used a small flat brush to apply the colour: 'Rich Girl' and I used the same colour also for my inner eye-lid. As for my eyeliner: I decided to do a dramatic wing (simply because I am all about drama) but, it isn't compulsory to have eyeliner with this look. The eyeliner I used was: MUA Eye Define Soft tip Felt Liner

THE LOOK IS COMPLETE! Please please invest in this palette, your eyeshadow looks will forever change with the use of the Toofaced Chocolate Gold Palette!

You can buy the palette through ASOS

Stay tuned for more amazing make-up looks and products!

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