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How are you going to level up this season?

The past couple of weeks I have been very inspired by Ciara's new music video 'Level Up,' it has been trending worldwide on social media and many people have been creating their own version of the video through imitating the choreography, Parris Goebel originally created. Ciara has even been acknowledging the re-creations on her Instagram, thus drawing more eyes to her song.

When I first heard the song I was confused because it sounded unlike any of Ciara's other material, it was quite fast paced, jumpy and catchy. Even now as I am writing this post I am singing the song in my head. The tune has a repetitive beat and Ciara's singing is simple but winsome, Ciara has never been known to have a strong voice her voice has always been mellow compared to other artists. Despite the fact that her singing was not very strong the message behind 'Level Up' resinated in my mind.

The term 'Level Up' stood out to me because it is similar to the word 'Rise'- you may not know this but a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog-post titled 'My fellow women- Are you ready to rise?' (you will find it on the other pages of my site if you would like to take a read). It is a bit similar to the post I wrote for today, both posts were inspired by women and I felt compelled to let you know what I learnt.

I believe Ciara is encouraging women to 'Level Up', to step out of their boundaries and their comfort zones. Instead she wants them to level up into their new territory, whether this be in your relationships, career, health, spiritual life etc...

Her lyrics inspire female empowerment with verses like:

1) "I turned nothing to something, my comeback on one hunnid."

2) "Less talking, more action"

3) "I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading"

4) "Thank God I never settled this view is so much better"

The bridge of Ciara's song happens to be my favourite part, especially the verse "elevate your level, graduate your level, there's no one on it." Hearing this made me feel like I needed to stop making excuses, act on the plans I was contemplating on and elevate my level. I felt like I needed to stop being comfortable with the position I was currently at and instead take a risk and move forward into something new.

So, I guess you could say hearing this song somewhat inspired me to start a whole new blog. It is weird because the Holy Spirit can communicate to you through the strangest of things, I never thought in a million years my calling could reach new levels simply because of a hip-hop song sung by a well-known artist.

As I said before Ciara's lyrics inspired female empowerment but so did her creativeness in terms of the actual music video, she used an all female dance group and their routine was choreographed by a female (Parris Goebel), who is actually credited as the Director of the video! I don't think this was done by accident... I believe Ciara did this in order to create an image of female solidarity, in order to show the successful outcome when females work together and lastly, in order to galvanise other women watching to step up and take some action!

I know that I was very honoured to have watched this image and let me tell you how I am going to LEVEL UP this season;

1) I am going to work hard at giving those women who feel voiceless, a voice (through my #womenhaveavoicetoo campaign)- 'Levelling up in my calling.'

2) I am no longer going to make any excuses- 'Levelling up in my mindset.'

3) I am going to let God take absolute control of my destiny and future- 'Levelling up spiritually.'

4) Lastly, I am no longer going to be afraid of dreaming big- 'Levelling in my calling/industry.'

In addition to this, I have asked some of my friends/mentors: 'How they are going to level in their industry' as I felt it was necessary to give you guys some examples:

1) Juliana Cruz Lima- Beauty Blogger: 'The July Bible'

"I think that the way to grow in your industry is to first and foremost do it with passion and drive, believe in yourself. Secondly, never stop researching and learning about your environment and industry so you can always keep up and be at the top of your game."

Juliana is going to keep pushing cool content on her blog so that it keeps growing and she will eventually grow her influence inside the beauty community. I know Juliana will be very successful at this as she has thought hard about what it takes in order to level up.

2) Adesola Akerele- Content creator, photographer and documentary maker.

Adesola's latest Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW554zMZPgY&feature=youtu.be

Her response to my question was: "I am going to work hard in silence until my work speaks for itself."

This is such a powerful quote because it highlights working hard behind the scenes until success and impact manifests.

3) Melinda Wong- Content Creator, Vlogger

Her latest Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHy-JxpYNNg

Melinda believes in structure, she has always been a person that thrives on structure, her process revolves around self reflection. She likes to every quarter of the year sit down and ask herself to list one thing that bothers her about where she is at in her life currently and one other thing that she feels good about.

Melinda is levelling up in terms of her industry by increasing her Youtube subscribers, she now has over 100 subscribers which has exceeded her goal after starting a year and half ago. She will continue to give purpose to her life by identifying the beneficial parts (for example: vlogging) and the non-beneficial parts (for example: clubbing).

Please go and visit her channel it is truly amazing!

4) Last of all, Gabriella Emmanuel- Marketing Expert (one of my mentors).

She simply answered: "Work smarter, not harder." In addition to this, Gabriella believes that in order for her level up in her industry she needs to Remain in God, which comes from the Bible Scripture John 15:4:

"Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

Hope you are feeling empowered after reading this blog post! If you would like to watch Ciara's new video 'Level Up', here is the video below:

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