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How to achieve the most 'fleeky' eyebrows

I don't know about you guys but my eyebrows take the longest time out of everything else in my make-up look. I take great pride in my eyebrows, probably because it is the first thing I learnt to do when I first started putting on make-up. It took me forever but I have finally gotten down a routine to create the most 'fleeky eyebrows' and I want to share it with you all!

Here is my step by step guide to achieving the most 'fleeky' eyebrows:

1) Brush your eyebrow hairs with a eyebrow comb, in order to get all your hairs fixed in one direction. There is nothing that I hate more than a hanging hair in my eyebrow (I am such a perfectionist!). The comb I use I got off Ebay for a very cheap price! I would really recommend this one because it does the job well.

2) Now move onto the eyebrow pencil. I always start from the bottom then gradually draw on the top of my brow, lastly I always remember to add a sharp arch at the tail of my brow, in order to make it look 'fleeky,' For my personal taste I love my eyebrows to be thick, mostly because I don't have that much natural hair so by drawing it thick I make up for it.

One key advice I would give you is that you shouldn't draw the eyebrows too close together or too long (when I first started to learn how to draw my eyebrows, I found this tip where you can use a pencil to measure how long the front of your eyebrow should be, you place the pencil beside the bridge of your nose to highlight where you should begin drawing). Additionally, if you make a mistake with the tail of your eyebrow do not draw it longer, concealer will fix this!

The pencil I use is from the make-up brand 'MUA', I use the colour 'brunette'. The pencil you use should only be one shade darker than your actual skin tone, if it is too dark or light it isn't going to look good (trust me).

3) After drawing an outline of my brow I will fill it in with my palette of brow powder, in order to define it even more. I use the dark brown shade and apply it with my flat angled brush (sorry I don't know where I got it from- my mother gave it to me).

This palette I use comes from MUA also, it is called 'PRO-BROW Ultimate Eyebrow Kit' in the shade dark.

4) Now comes the important part: 'concealing the eyebrow' if you are not liking the way your eyebrow is shaped, concealer can make all the mistakes disappear. For me, I conceal my eyebrow from the bottom starting from the beginning of my brow to the end. The brush I use is a flat concealer brush (you can easily get one off Ebay or Amazon).

Personally I don't like concealing the top of my eyebrow because I believe this makes it too highlighted and artificial... I do like my eyebrows to look somewhat natural. However, I do like to conceal the tail of my brow so the tail becomes really sharp and fleeky!

5) Here comes the blending stage, you must blend the concealer really well using the same flat concealer brush until the concealer is no longer there or until you have fixed your mistakes. If I have ended up concealing too much, I will fix this by adding more of my brow powder.

6) This last step is not absolutely necessary but I do like to add it from time to time; 'highlighting under the brow.' This just defines the brow even more, your eyebrow will be fleeky and popping! To apply it you can use a flat brush, but be careful not to go overboard with the highlight!

Here is a pic of the finished look:

Hope this helps you achieve 'fleeky' eyebrows! Stay tuned for more exciting posts about the 'beauty essentials' you need today!

But don't forget to appreciate your beauty within...

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