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Meet the 'Crochet Queen'

I am so excited to publish my first ever interview with an aspiring designer- Meet the 'Crochet Queen' Nifemi Salami.

Nifemi has recently launched her line of crotchet clothing, consisting of crop tops, dresses and some one-pieces (made up of a top and skirt). I have noticed especially this summer that crocheting has become a big trend, nowadays people are starting to wear crochet bikinis for example and trust me it looks amazing! Seeing the variety of colours and styles that can be created using this technique is very interesting and has certainly caught my attention.

I decided to interview Nifemi Salami not only because crocheting has become a popular trend, but also because this young designer has created her brand: 'Crochet Queen' in order to redefine beauty for women, to highlight that no dream is too small or too impossible to achieve and lastly her brand was created as a way to achieve her God-given calling.

My reason for sharing this interview is to show my female readers that whatever gift God has placed inside of you can manifest. In addition to this, I also want to show my female readers that crocheting shouldn't be underestimated. I believe any female can look amazing in it as you can see from the model below: (this photo was taken from 'Crochet Queen's fashion shoot):

I asked Nifemi 4 questions concerning her brand, purpose and her calling. Here are Nifemi's responses!

1) When did you start to realise crocheting was your calling?

'I started crocheting last year August and to be very honest I was really really bad at it! But I love a challenge so I kept on practicing and trying to improve my skills. (I crocheted for hours every single day for 6 weeks straight) My desire to preserve is what allowed crocheting to become my calling! Because I preserved I began to improve and from there other people started to see my work was good. I received a lot of encouragement from people around me and that pushed me to take crocheting seriously.'

Your calling could actually be something that you are bad at! It doesn't always have to be your talent, even though most people associate their calling with their talent and there is nothing wrong with this... However, with persistence and hard work the thing you thought you were bad at could end up becoming your calling, just like Nifemi's situation. Imagine if she had given up we would have been deprived of an amazing brand like 'Crochet Queen.'

2) This brand is very targeted towards woman and their beauty- what message do you have to give them?

'My message to everyone but especially women because I believe women have much more pressure to conform to societal standards of beauty is to fall deeply in love with how God created them.

I want to encourage women to completely ignore societal standards of beauty because they change constantly. One minute lighter skin is more desirable and then the next darker skin. Or being curvy is mocked one day and the next celebrated. Societal standards of beauty creates body dissatisfaction but God’s opinion doesn’t waiver or change He sees absolutely no flaw in us and that’s the only opinion that we should hold dear.'

'My message and prayer is for a generation of woman who are so deeply in love with how God created them.'

I believe the most important part Nifemi has said here is that she wants women to 'fall deeply in love with how God created them.' Nifemi and I have this in common because I want women to remember how beautiful they are inside and how beautiful God sees them- no matter what society says. It is not about society's fixed definition of 'perfection' it is about realising your God-given potential, this is much more important than your body or face. "God sees absolutely no flaw in us and that is the only opinion that we should hold dear," said Nifemi. I couldn't have said it any better!

3) How do you remember to include God in your business?

'I don’t have to remember to involve God, He is just at the centre of it all! I remember being really young and never feeling like I was talented. I didn’t sing or act those things weren’t my passion. You know when people go up on stage and it was like they were born to do sing or dance or act. I didn’t have that experience with anything really. I used to pray to God to show me my purpose and reveal my talents. And now I have this passion for something and I am genuinely good at it. How could I deny God when the only reason I am able to do what I do is because He poured passion, desire and perseverance inside of me.'

I love how Nifemi said "she doesn't have to remember" she simply said "He is at the centre of it all" I believe this is very key because God should be at the centre of everything you do. We should glorify God through our purpose, after all if it wasn't for Him we wouldn't have realised our potential.

Through my blog I make God the centre of it all by highlighting the lessons God has taught me and applying them to my writing. If God is speaking through me and I believe that this could potentially bless others I do not hesitate to let them know. I also pray that they experience God in a new way.

4) Do you have any advice for young females looking to start a brand?

'Advice I would give to young females wanting to start a brand is to stop disqualifying yourself. Do not belittle your ideas or dreams. Do not remain silent about something you are passionate about because you are scared. Men have an advantage over women because they have been conditioned to believe from a very young age that they are amazing and now we see such a massive confidence gap between men and women. I think it’s about time that women began to believe they are just as amazing.'

'Secondly, I would advise every young girl to remove the word failure from her vocabulary. In my eyes there is no such thing as failure. Even if I miss out on a goal I have learnt something new which will help me to move closer to actually meeting my next goal. It’s a lesson not a failure!'

There is truth in Nifemi saying: "men have an advantage over women because they have been conditioned to believe from a very young age that they are amazing." It is time that women start believing they are just as amazing because they too have so much to offer to society, women have a strong, powerful and amazing voice that needs to be heard! Every female has a gift that needs to be shared with the world, because we women are QUEENS.

Another piece of advice I will take away from Nifemi's interview is that we women need to remove failure from our vocabulary, So many of us do not try to achieve our dreams because we are afraid of failing but, we cannot fail we can just try our best and even if it doesn't turn out the way we wanted it to, God will always open another door and everything happens for a reason.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this interview! If you would like to purchase clothing from Nifemi's crochet brand I have provided the link to her Instagram (attached to her name) and you can contact her through this!

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