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Why is Faith essential?

Some of you may skip this blog-post after reading the title and that is fine! I hope one day you will be brave enough and encouraged enough to make a leap and read my faith based blog posts.

Let me get one thing straight first, I am not here to force you to become a believer, I am not here to judge you if you are not a believer and I am not here to rub in or hammer down my religion in your face. I am simply here to share with you my personal experience/journey, the lessons I have learnt and lastly, the grace and love God has poured into my life.

One thing that everyone needs to understand is that in order to draw people to the Kingdom of God, in order for people to accept Christ and in order for people to develop a relationship with God, they need to come to this discovery on their own terms.

There is nothing good in forcing someone to get to know God when God Himself has given us the gift of free will. God loves us unconditionally whether we are believers or not and He has given us the undeniable grace to make our own decisions. Can you see how AMAZING He is?!

Even though some of us may have rejected Him or do not understand Him, He still loves us regardless. If you are reading this right now and you feel like God does not love you or has forgotten you this is not true at all! God loves you so much and in fact He is waiting for you to run into His arms. It is like when a child hasn't seen their father for a long time and after this period of time apart they are finally reunited, the father couldn't be any happier!

God is waiting for the day you come to Him willingly, with your hearts opened and He is there waiting patiently. God will never force you to accept Him or follow Him.

I titled my blog-post: Why is Faith essential? Because I wanted to give you some reasons as to why I believe Faith is and should be an important aspect of our lives, I wanted to show you through using my own story of how I developed an amazing relationship with God and lastly, I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to go out and discover for yourselves the man we call God. (Whether this be by asking me questions or performing your own independent research).

My story starts off at the age of 16, this may sound surprising since most African children are born into a Christian family, meaning that they have been around Christianity their whole lives. Yes, I was born into a Christian family and I have been going to Church since the age of 3, but my journey doesn't start there. God truly entered my life almost 4 years ago, this is when I became 'Born Again', when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and when I chose God to take the steering wheel of my life.

How did this happen?

I felt forgotten, I felt like God didn't see me as His child and I left like I had no purpose. I didn't understand the point of waking up everyday and living everyday the same. What I didn't realise was that God had placed this amazing seed inside me that I needed to grow. Now, I know I am an extraordinary, special and great royal daughter of God.

This is why Faith is essential because imagine if I hadn't discovered the love and grace of God I wouldn't be writing to you today. Most likely I would be in bed, looking down on myself believing that I had nothing to offer the world. God moved me from a place of disappointment and low self-esteem to a place of love and purpose. I am no longer an ordinary woman trying to 'survive' in the world, I am instead a woman of great calling and great potential. I have a TREASURE inside of me!

We all have a treasure inside of us, but without the presence of God in our lives this treasure cannot be opened.

With the launch of my new blog it was very important for me to integrate my faith into my posts. I need to place God at the centre of it all because without Him I would have never discovered my calling. It isn't weird for me to say that God is my everything! He is the reason why I live, I speak and why I write. Opening the door to allow God enter your lives will be the best decision you have ever made! I promise! It is very hard for me to imagine a life without God.

Without accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour you cannot get to the King and cannot sit beside His throne above.

John 14:6 says: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." This means unless you accept Jesus, follow him and act according to His instructions, you cannot get to know the goodness, love and protection of the Almighty King.

I hope you have been blessed by this blog-post and if you want to ask me any questions you can email me @ estheroku.aol.com or share comments below!

I would love to hear and respond to your thoughts!

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