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Yes, you heard it right the high street retailer ‘Superdrug’ is now offering Botox and Lip fillers for those over the age of 25. Next time you want to buy mascara or some cleansing wipes, why don’t you also attend a consultation for Botox on the side? HOW EXCITING RIGHT… Beauty is becoming more artificial and now one of my favourite make-up/skin-care stores is contributing to this. I know I have hit the nail pretty hard right now, but this topic of ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ really frustrates me.

I was just looking through British Vogue online and I happened to stumble across an article titled: ‘Would you get Botox on the High Street’

I immediately clicked on the article, firstly because the title intrigued me and then secondly because of the photo, I knew the needle next to the mouth represented getting ‘lip fillers’, this intrigued me even more because I don’t know if you guys have noticed but, getting bigger lips have become such a TREND in today’s society. It has become an accessory, it is like going to the shop buying a hand-bag instead this time people are going to a beauty salon to get ‘fuller’ lips.

After clicking on this Article I read: “The high-street retailer (Superdrug) has introduced a new Skin Renew Service, offering in-store Botox and Dermal fillers for which appointment must be booked in advance following a consultation. The services will be launched via a soft launch in the Strand store before rolling nationwide. Prices start at £99.”

I stood shocked in front of my mum, after telling her that Superdrug is now offering Botox. She started laughing at me ranting in my Nigerian accent shouting, “WHY HAS SUPERDRUG CONFORMED TO THE IDEAL OF ‘PERFECTION’ IN SOCIETY?” “I REALLY THOUGHT THEY WOULD DO BETTER.” My mum looked perplexed at my shouting, she didn’t seem to understand why I was so passionate about the issue of Cosmetic Surgery in today’s society.

I will tell you why, it is because in the 21st Century society is so fixed on modifying the outside before dealing with the emotions on the inside, it seems like more and more everyday society has forgotten the importance of ‘inner beauty.'

Don’t get me wrong I understand some individuals require Cosmetic Surgery due to medical reasons, so I will not argue against this or discredit this. However, my issue is with when some people get plastic surgery because they don’t ‘like’ a certain part of their body, I completely understand the fact that some people are very insecure and suffer from low self-esteem (speaking from someone who used to suffer from very bad low self-esteem herself), they feel like plastic surgery will give them that confidence boost.

Me on the other hand, I believe confidence should come from within. I believe females and males should focus on the person God created them to be; “beautifully and fearfully made” I would love for everyone to believe this, I don’t want anyone to think that they should conform society’s definition of beautiful. One day being beautiful is being light, the next dark and then it turns into: being beautiful is having no wrinkles or fuller lips.

Youthfulness is fast becoming the new perfection and the argument is ‘if you can customise any part of your body to look better, WHY NOT?’, for example: if you can customise your lips into looking better and it looks good you have basically won the lottery!

Why do we choose to think like this? Because we have decided that we need to look perfect, when really we need to embrace our flaws.

Let me tell you something, you are beautiful and perfect in God’s eyes, He looks at you as a jewel in His crown. You don’t need to focus on your ‘flaws’ because God doesn’t instead you should focus on the person God has called you to be.

Although, many people do not realise that they need to look beyond their flaws and unfortunately this is the reason why non-cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Key Note found that non-surgical procedures now account for 85% of the market and are expected to become even more popular, increasing by 27% as the growing population opts for less invasive surgery.

Botox is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment, with a whopping 6 million Botox treatments administered every year in the UK.

The question is: Why is Botox so popular?

It promotes youthfulness and nowadays being beautiful is associated with being young. Botox is the trade name for a substance injected into the skin which is known to inhibit muscle movement and can prevent wrinkles from developing or worsening.

Botox makes getting wrinkles look like the end of the world, it makes people believe that the older you get, the less pretty you are. Not only does Botox inhibit muscle movement, but it also seems inhibit emotions… if you see a celebrity trying to smile in their Botox-induced face it looks like a struggle.

Dani Minogue stated that one of the reasons she decided to get Botox was because she didn’t want to show her emotions during a stressful time. I never knew that Botox could stop you from looking sad or even happy, but it got me thinking, if some celebrities are using Botox to suppress their emotions doesn’t that make matters worse? It is like that saying, ‘eventually you will explode.’

If celebrities are using Botox as a means of suppressing their emotions, what is to stop another individual out there looking in on them from doing the same thing? After all, a great amount of celebrities swear by these youth-keeping injections.

Is there a risk that selling cosmetic procedures along the likes of cleanser and lip balm makes it seem as much of an essential as these everyday items? That it takes the normalising of cosmetic procedures too far?

If people begin to see cosmetic surgery as something that is necessary, will people ever truly appreciate the beauty within? Will females ever start to believe in their royal potential as opposing to placing their ‘looks’ on a pedestal?

What type of message is a company like Superdrug trying to convey? That you no longer have to embrace the parts of you, that you don’t feel comfortable with, you can change it and finally be able to look yourself in the mirror? How about not believing or allowing yourself to dislike that negative picture you may see in mirror, instead you allow yourself to overcome it?

Yes, I know it is easier said than done but we cannot play into the hands of companies like Superdrug who tell us ‘it’s okay to want to look younger or it’s okay to want bigger lips.’

Despite my strong views against Superdrug’s new creation, they have made big claim warranting their new department of ‘skincare.’

First of all by saying: “Anyone over the age 25 will have access to the procedures for a fraction of the prices seen at the private clinics, when supported by a full clinical consultation".

" Customers will first undergo a telephone consultation (detailed one) before completing a medical questionnaire.”

It seems like Superdrug believe they have it all figured out… because they are planning to give a detailed consultation and questionnaire to the individuals looking to have cosmetic surgery and they are planning to hire fully trained cosmetic nurses, there isn’t an issue.

Caris Newson (an employee of Superdrug) went on to say: “We know from our research among 10,000 costumers that feeling confident about how you look is linked to a person’s well- being, and that’s different for all of us. For some it might mean having their eyebrows threaded or getting their nails done, for others it means taking vitamins or getting fitter, or it might be about smoothing out fine lines.”

An argument against this statement is presented by Dr Gerard Lambe (Consultant plastic surgeon and Spokesperson for BAAPs): “It is crucial members of the public do not treat having Botox and Dermal fillers as casual beauty treatments like brow threading or waxing.”

We cannot and should not compare having non-surgical cosmetic procedures to having beauty treatments like threading or acrylics.

Perhaps nothing more has done more to normalise Botox and lip fillers than reality TV. A big example of this is Kylie Jenner and her lip fillers, she has been getting regular dermal fillers ever since she was 15 years old after deciding that she could no longer deal with her thin lips and people’s judgements. Not long after posting her ‘brand new lips’ on her social media accounts did lip fillers become a massive trend, with other females imitating her ‘bee stung look’ (sorry harsh, I know).

Although, she has removed the fillers recently, after giving birth to Stormi, which shocked the nation as she did not explain the reason behind this.

Yet, lip fillers are still on the rise… especially this year with Love Island on our screens. This year clinics report an increase of cosmetic surgery enquires as a result of Love Island.

One clinic, the Sisu Aesthetic Clinic in Ireland, said the arrival of contestants such as Megan Barton Hanson who has been very open about the work she has done ( apparently she has had £25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery done), sparked a 200% increase in the number of people booking lip fillers. The clinic started offering its very own Love island package which includes a combination of Botox and fillers, all for the princely sum of 450 euros.

I have nothing against Megan deciding to be open about all the cosmetic surgery she has done, she stands her ground and is confident with the way she looks. My problem will start when young girls will begin to look at her as the epitome of beauty, she may be an attractive woman but I don’t want these young girls already living in a fixed society believing that there is only one type of beautiful, the customised version. Instead I want them to find the beauty in their passion, purpose and voices.

After finding inspiration from the Vogue Article, I decided to post a poll on my Instagram asking my followers whether or not they would get plastic surgery. I was very intrigued to see the results!


Bet you are so shocked right now! But, yes, the results were completely split down the middle and if I am being honest I have no idea as to why this is? I was actually expecting more yes than no and it began to go that way at the start, but as more time passed, more people started to say no.

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog-post!

I am interested in seeing Superdrug become a Cosmetic Clinic. If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear from you!

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