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Dear Queens,


And I have started anew.

Did you miss me?

I was taking a little hiatus, and I know I misled you into believing that I was gone forever.


Queen Esther is never going to depart.

She is here to stay for good.

She has got royalty in her soul and it is ready to blossom some more.

I don’t know about you guys but, I am ready to take over.

I am ready to plant some more diamonds in my crown.

You are those diamonds.

I may not see all of my future Queens face to face…

This doesn’t stop me from loving all of you.

I decided that it was about time we lifted each up.

No more of this I will make it to the top by forgetting those at the bottom.

We choose to be different.


We choose to use our powers for good.

Yes boo, we have powers.

Powers to shift society into believing that they need us.

This is the year of the woman.

This is the year to be a shining light.

Queen Esther shone throughout her land, the One we can feel from above made it possible.

The One holding our hands in whatever we do has created a place for us.

I am here to stay.

Ready to come along with me?

Love you all future Queens,

Signed Esther x

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