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There is a STORY behind the POUF

The braids are officially gone guys...

I can't believe I am saying this, since I am so comfortable and used to my long box braids. Even though for the past couple of months I have been doing short braids, trying to branch out. Sometimes I think to myself: 'WOW it is actually a struggle being a Black, African woman' because you constantly have to think about the next hairstyle you are going to do. Before I have even decided to move onto my new hairstyle, I am thinking about the next one I am going to do and if I am being really extra I am thinking two hairstyles ahead.

This week, because of a Family Wedding coming up (and because I wanted to look good, as I said in my 'Hoops and Headscarves' post my hair game was really weak, I felt like I needed to up my game). So, I decided to do something kind of different and move away from my braids. Of course, I will miss them but I felt like I needed to undergo a change.

It was time to say bye bye to the braids...

And hello to the POUF...

Now you are probably wondering why I decided to do this type of hairstyle, with on one side a large amount of curly Brazilian hair and then on the other side cornrows. Well, when I was researching my next hairstyle on Google I came across a picture of a girl with the exact same hairstyle on my head now and thought maybe I should do it. The girl with this hairstyle looked absolutely amazing and suddenly I began to feel like I wasn't going to be able to pull it off...

The next thing you know I was showing the picture of the girl to my parents and to my surprise they both agreed that it would look nice on me.

I would say that I am a very bold and confident girl, so despite feeling like I couldn't pull the style off, I went ahead and booked the appointment with my hairdresser!

I am so so happy with the outcome and I love the way it makes me look. My vision had been achieved.

I have been told so many times by various people that I don't look my age, however with this style my parents and my friends have been telling me I look mature. Considering that I am going to be 20 in one week, you have no idea how happy this makes me!

I do not regret doing this style and stepping out of my comfort zone by deciding not to do braids once again.

I also have to say, I can't help but smile and laugh at the compliments I am receiving, for example, my dad said to me: "You look American with this hair", I started to laugh because first of all, what does an American look like? And second of all, was that meant to be a compliment?

I would advise anyone who is starting to feel like they are doing the same old hairstyle to step out of their comfort zone and do something drastic/different?

You are of course still beautiful whether you decide to change or keep the same hairstyle!

You are all beautiful my fellow QUEENS!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog-post, stay tuned for more exciting looks from last weekend's events to published this Saturday!

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