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Letter 3: 'Fight the battle in front of you'

Dear Queens,

There will be mountains ahead of you.

They are placed there for a reason.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot climb them.

It doesn’t mean you cannot conquer them.

Your biggest weapon is right in the palm of your hands.

You may not see Him, but He is there.


Waiting for you to pick Him up.

The battle cannot be won without Him.

That sling David shot against Goliath was powerless without Him.

Do you want to conquer your giant?

Use Him.

Fight the battle in front of you, just like Esther did.

She could have run and saved herself, but she had faith she could win.

We can win.

With Him by our sides nothing is impossible.

Nothing is too hard.

Fight and raise again.

I am a Queen because I am fighting the good fight.

Will you do the same?

Love you all, future Queens

Signed Esther xox

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