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E- EYES ON ME (I am in LOVE with God's design)

I am sure that many of you through my social media saw me serving some looks 2 weekends ago (LOL). I had an important family event to attend and of course I wanted to look my best, me being extra I had several outfit changes, including different make-up looks. At a Nigerian wedding you need to stand out (not so much that you outshine the bride, but you still need to look your best), especially because you will most likely see family members that you haven't seen in a long time, you want to let them know that you have matured.

Not only did I want to look good for the family wedding, but I also wanted to look good for myself. I had just done my hair a couple of days before and I wanted the face to match, I think during that weekend was the longest I have ever spent doing my make-up, simply because I was so focused on the detail.

My vision for my first make-up look was to match the outfit I wore in the morning, it was focused on the reds, dark brown, burgundy colour scheme. I chose these colours specifically in order to match my red dress, which you will see on my other post, discussing the outfits I wore.

I will first start with the face and the products I used:

Whatever make-up look I am trying to achieve, I will always start with the face simply because I find it easiest and it just makes sense to me. I know some of you may start with your eyebrows or eyeshadow to avoid the foundation creasing, however I don't seem to have this issue when I begin to do my eyebrows or eyeshadow.

I will now take you step by step on how I did my face. The picture you see above are the various products I used on my face, not including the setting spray.

1. I would usually add primer as my base before putting on my foundation, but unfortunately I had run out and didn't have the time to buy a new one, so I had to go straight into using my foundation.

2. My foundation- I started by squeezing my foundation onto my hand, instead of putting it straight onto my face, I did this because even though I wanted full coverage I didn't want masses of foundation all over my face. So, by putting it onto my hand first I could measure how much I was putting on.

3. Next I took my foundation brush (part of the 10 piece Kabuki set, found on ebay) and started to dot my foundation all around my face, on my cheeks, chin, nose, mouth and finally my forehead.

4. Afterwards, I began to blend using the same foundation brush. Some people prefer to use a beauty blender, but for me I am much more comfortable with my brush.

5. After blending my foundation to the coverage I wanted, I then moved onto the concealer in order to highlight.

6. Now, some people call this the 'Highlight & Contour' stage. I only do the highlighting part, because I don't feel I need to contour and I don't see the importance in it... I believe I already have quite defined cheeks meaning that I can get away with not contouring.

7. I applied my concealer under my eyes, on my chin, the bridge of my nose and just on the top of my forehead. I used a concealer brush for this ( part of the 10 piece kabuki set found on ebay), again some people may prefer to use a beauty blender, I believe it is all about your preference. I like the using my concealer brush because of the results it gives me, however I can if I feel like it use a beauty blender in order to really blend the concealer in.

PLEASE- Do not use a foundation brush for your concealer because you will end up brushing all the concealer away, thus getting rid of the highlighting stage.

8. Lastly it is the baking stage, I have yet to buy a proper baking powder mostly because of laziness, so I had to use my face powder to set my highlight. I believe it does the job, however I am going to invest in a baking powder very soon!

I set the highlight using my powder brush (part of the 10 piece kabuki set off ebay) under my eyes, on my chin, on the bridge of my nose and on the top of my forehead. Then, I just brush lightly my face powder on the rest of my face.

The products I used are as followed:

1. Maybelline Satin Liquid Foundation £7.99, in the colour Golden Caramel.

2. LA PRO GIRL Concealer £2.99, in the colour Toffee.

3. L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder £6.99, in the colour Honey.

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £24.00 (yes, the most pricey product I used, but so worth it! This spray left my face looking flawless and non-oily, which is something I really struggle with).

After completing my face, I moved onto one of my favourite parts, my eyeshadow.

I spent so long on my eyeshadow because of the detail I wanted to show and also because I was really enjoying doing it, so I kept on adding more and more colour.

I used more than one eyeshadow palette because of the colours I had in mind, there wasn't one eyeshadow palette that could offer me all the colours I needed.

Here is my step by step guide to the eyeshadow look I created:

1. First of all, I applied my LA PRO GIRL CONCEALER to my eyelid, using my concealer brush in order to really bring out the pigmentation of my shadows.

2. The first eyeshadow palette I used for the base of my look is my 'NYX IN YOUR ELEMENT FIRE PALETTE' (Given to me by my bestie, Juliana). I will love her forever for blessing me with this palette because the pigmentation is mad and the colours are bomb.

3. The colour I used for my base is that bright orange I marked, underneath the shimmery brown. I simply just applied this colour all over my eyelid with my finger before working on the cut-crease.

4. Now, I moved onto working on my cut-crease. For this I used a different eyeshadow palette called: 'STRONG EYE GAME BY MISSGUIDED'

I used my blending brush (given to me as a gift) to work in the first colour, which was a brick red shade. I blended this colour into my cut crease in order to create a dark tone, thus contrasting the bright orange base.

You can see the Brick Red shade I used next to the shimmery green-blackish shade in the MISSGUIDED Palette.

5. I then moved onto working in my second cut-crease colour from my 'NYX IN YOUR ELEMENT FIRE PALETTE'. After applying a dark tone I wanted to add more brightness. So, I applied a bright red out of the NYX Palette with my blending brush, however I did this lightly in order not to overpower my brick red shade.

You can see the bright red colour I used marked in the picture I took of my NYX Palette, it is next to the black shade.

6. The last colour I used in my cut-crease was a shimmery red shade out of my MISSGUIDED Palette (Yes, I used 3 shades in total in my cut-crease, I hardly ever use one shade when creating my cut crease).

The last shade I used is shown in the picture above, next to the brick red shade. I applied this lightly in my crease using the same blending brush. You may say that using the same blending brush may mix the colours all together and make the cut-crease look messy, but I did not have this issue because I was applying the shadows very lightly.

I would advise using another blending brush, if you are applying another colour harshly.

7. I wanted to create a smoky affect in the corner of my eye. In order to achieve this I used my FAVOURITE EYESHADOW PALETTE: 'TOOFACED CHOCOLATE GOLD PALETTE' (again thank you to my bestie, Juliana for gifting me this!!). I used a kind of fluffy eyeshadow brush (part of my 10 piece Kabuki brush set off ebay) and just dotted the black shadow on the corner of my eye, making sure not to destroy my cut-crease.

The colour I used was 'Decadent.'

8. Moving onto the front of my eye, I used two shimmers from the same TOOFACED Palette and applied it using my flat eyeshadow brush (part of the 10 piece Kabuki set off ebay). The shades I used were 'Love Cocoa' and 'Classy & Sassy.' I also applied the shade 'Old Money' with a smaller flat brush in the inner corner of my eyes, just to complete the eyeshadow.

9. Now for the finishing touches, the eyeliner and the mascara.

For my eyeliner I use a felt tip liner from 'MUA' because I am very comfortable with this and I find it easy to draw my wing. I decided not to do a dramatic wing with this look, because I felt like this look didn't need it. Instead, I decided to do a simple wing, after applying my eyeliner I put some mascara on and the eye look was complete.

The products I used were:


2. NYX 'in your element' FIRE PALETTE £25.00 (it is currently out of stock but I am sure it will be in stock again very soon)!

3. MISSGUIDED 'Strong eye game' PALETTE £10.00 (again this is currently out of stock on the MISSGUIDED website, but I'm sure that it will soon be in stock again).

4. TOOFACED 'Chocolate Gold' PALETTE £39.00 (off Debenhams, it may be more expensive on other websites).

5. MUA Eye Define Felt Liner £2.00

6. MISS SPORTY 'Fab lash Mascara Extra Black 1 £1.99

NOW... onto the eyebrows, which of course had to look fleeky.

Since I have already created an individual post on how to achieve 'fleeky eyebrows' I don't think I need to actually describe step by step what I did.

If you haven't read it, you can find it here: 'How to achieve fleeky eyebrows'

The products I used for my eyebrows were:

1. MUA Eyebrow pencil in the colour Brunette, £1.00

2. MUA Brow Kit, in the colour 'Dark', £3.50


4 Highlight (sorry I don't know the name of the highlight as I bought in America for $10). However you can use any highlight, one that I would recommend is the Makeup Revolution Sun Kissed Highlighter. It is only £3!!

I used a touch of highlighter under my brow, not too much because that would make it look tacky. I did this in order to give the brows more oomph, the brush I used was a flat concealer brush.

To completely finish the entire look, I applied highlighter to my cheeks, the bridge of my nose and finally my cupid's bow. Then I put some lipgloss on, which was from Dior (a gift from my mother). I decided to wear lipgloss instead of lipstick because I wanted something simple and light. Lastly, I set my face with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

Here are some pics of the finished look:

I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost!! Stay tuned for another beauty post where I review some make-up products I recently bought!!

AND... get ready for part 2 of the makeup looks!

HINT: Not all the products I bought are from NYX...

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