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As I said in my previous post (R.O.S.E Makeup Look Part 1) I had many outfit changes, therefore meaning I had to also change my makeup look. However, this doesn't mean I changed everything on my face.

In fact for my second outfit change I simply put on a bright lipstick as opposed to my simple and light lipgloss. I also just touched up my brows (by putting more brow powder) and finally I added more highlight to my cheeks, since it was evening I really wanted to POP!

I felt like I didn't need to change my entire make-up look to match my 2nd outfit, because first of all, the outfit itself does enough justice and secondly it is so much effort to take off all my make-up and have to start again, after all I am not the bride.

As you can see in the picture above, I am now wearing a brighter lipstick. The lipstick I am wearing happens to be one of my favourite lipsticks in my collection, it is a matte lipstick in the colour 'Heroine' from Mac Cosmetics.

I felt like the simple and light lipstick I had on from before was not appropriate for the evening. In the evening, you want something more bold, dark or bright... I am not saying that simple doesn't look good but for me (someone with such a dramatic personality) I needed something bright. Something that screams 'WOW this girl is brave and she pulls it off!'

The colour Heroine is beautiful, it is a bright purple and purple happens to be one of my favourite colours. If I had to pick a type of lipstick I would most likely wear, it would be soft matte as opposed to a liquid lipstick because I like the results it gives me. The lipstick is creamy and instantly mattifies onto my lips, I love this effect as it means it is going to last and it did last the whole night!

You can also see from the picture that my make-up is intact and nothing has moved out of place, meaning that the 'Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray' was doing its job. I would really recommend this spray for anyone looking for a great setting spray.

The products I used were:

1. MUA BROW KIT, in the shade 'Dark' £3.50

2. MAC MATTE LIPSTICK, in the colour Heroine £17.50 (I didn't pay this price, it was given to me as a gift... however I will definitely buy this when the one I have finishes. It is a great lipstick!

3. URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER Setting Spray £24.00

NOW... I felt it was important to also show my natural skin after wearing such heavy make-up. Trust me I was happy to take off all that make-up and just appreciate my beautiful skin, it may not look the best (I have very oily skin) but despite this I have learnt to love my natural skin, because it is the way God designed me and His design is perfect is it not?

It has been a long journey learning to love my natural skin, but I decided I was no longer going to be disappointed at what I saw in the mirror, instead I was going to overcome my flaws and see myself as a jewel.

I wasn't going to allow society tell me there was only one kind of beautiful, I was going to create my own definition of beautiful.

I am beautiful WITH make-up and WITHOUT make-up. I will not let what I wear define me, I am going to let my purpose, passions and voice define me. That is QUEENESS.

Let us move into the next day shall we?

September 2nd was the day for Thanksgiving, meaning that we were going to Church to celebrate the newly married couple. Traditionally for Thanksgiving services you would wear native clothing (clothing from Nigeria) because this is how you would dress in your hometown.

My outfit for the day was a purple dress withe diamond studs scattered all over the dress and a brown sheer neckline with some sparkles.

With this in mind, I decided for my make-up to focus on the colours purple, green (more of an olive green, not a bright green) and blue.

This time I want to start off with my eyeshadow look, as in PART 1 I went into detail regarding how I do my face. Maybe one day, I will do a post dedicated to my foundation routine, it has updated since the last post I did on it back on my old blog.

Here is my step by step guide on how I created my eyeshadow look for Sunday.

1. Firstly, I applied some primer to my eyes using my LA PRO GIRL CONCEALER, with my flat concealer brush.

2. Then I moved onto my base shade, which I placed directly onto my eyelids. The palette I used was my 'SEVENTEEN Easy on the Eye PALETTE'. I used the blueish, purple-ish shade, which was quite dark therefore already achieving the look I had envisioned, as I was going for dark tones.

As you can see from the picture above, I have marked the shade I used.

3. Then I moved onto working on my cut-crease, this time I only used one shade in my cut crease simply because I wanted it to be that way and also I was working with dark tones, so I didn't feel like it would look good if I blended in more than one dark tone into my cut-crease.

For my cut-crease I used my TOOFACED CHOCOLATE GOLD PALETTE.

The colour I used from this palette was 'Livin Lavish', it is a purple shimmer with amazing pigmentation. To apply this colour I used my mum's bigger blending brush, I didn't want to use my regular brush because I was only applying one shade. I would normally use my smaller blending brush if I was applying more than one shade to my cut-crease, as it gives me the effect I want.

4. Afterwards, I moved onto creating a smoky effect in the corner of my eye using the same palette I used for my cut-crease. The colour I used was 'Decadent', giving me that very black tone and I applied it using a fluffy brush (part of the 10 piece Kabuki set off ebay).

5. Next, still using the same TOOFACED Palette, I worked on the front of my eye. The shade I used was 'Holla for a Dolla', a shimmery olive shade and I applied it using a flat eyeshadow brush.

For the inner corner of my eye, I used the shade 'Moneybags' using my smaller flat brush, applying the shade into my tear duct.

6. To finish my eye look, I drew my wing (more dramatic than the one I drew a day before) and applied some mascara.

7. As for my lips, I decided to create a purple ombre look with my two purple lipsticks. The first one being my NYX Soft Matte Lipstick in the colour 'Vancouver' and the second one being my Mac Matte Lipstick in the colour 'Heroine'.

To create the ombre look, I first applied 'Vancouver on the top and bottom of my lips, but I just did the outline, almost as if I was applying lip liner. Then using 'Heroine' I applied the lipstick onto the space where I hadn't applied 'Vancouver.' Thus, ending up with an ombre effect.

Here is a pic of the finished look:

The products I used were:


2. SEVENTEEN 'Easy on the Eye' PALETTE £6.25


4. NYX SOFT MATTE LIPSTICK, in the colour 'Vancouver' £6.00

5. MAC MATTE LIPSTICK, in colour 'Heroine' £17.50


7. MISS SPORTY Fab Lash Extra Black Mascara £1.99

I hope you have enjoyed reading this 2nd part of my R.O.S.E Makeup look! Now it is time for some details on the outfits I wore!

STAY TUNED for another Beauty Essential post, reviewing some make-up products I bought recently!

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