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I have already shared the details about the different make-up looks I wore two weekends ago, now I am going to move onto the outfits I wore.

With a Nigerian wedding comes a lot of colours, various styles and boldness. I have always loved my culture and the fashion that comes along with it, because we are fun, exciting and we definitely know how to slay. Ankara is the name of the type clothing we wear in Nigeria, it is a printed and patterned kind of fabric and can be designed in various styles. For example: Ankara can be made into: a two-piece, a dress, a jumpsuit and the list goes on.

I have many pieces ever since going to Nigeria in 2016, my favourite pieces consist of a couple dresses, a crop top and a blazer. I may even put on a fashion show, showing off these items I mentioned one day for my blog.. stay tuned!

Back to this blog post, I decided to choose my outfits according to the different events taking place. First was the Church Ceremony, then it was the Reception and lastly it was the Thanksgiving Service on the Sunday.

The first outfit had to be something elegant and sophisticated, because it was the Church Ceremony so I felt like it couldn't be something too bold or eccentric, after all I was saving that for the Thanksgiving Service the next day. I loved loved my first outfit because it screamed elegance and classiness, normally in my day to day outfits I would go for more bougie and wild, simply because that is my personality.

You may not be able to see the details of the dress from this blurry mirror pic, but I chose to to use this photo to show how much this dress accentuates my figure. Usually I am very afraid to wear dresses because I feel like it may make me more skinny than I actually am... most people will tell me that my figure is great or that they wish they were skinny, however I felt like I had no curves and that used to make me very insecure because I believed curves would make me more attractable to certain people. However, now I am more than happy with my body and could care less about the curves I do not have because God loves me just the way I am.

With this dress I feel confident with the way it makes my body look, I can stand tall and slay.

Let us look at the material of the dress in detail shall we?

LACE. YES LACE. AH! Lace actually gives me goosebumps, the detail, the texture and just the way it looks makes me warm inside. I am telling you now if my wedding dress does not have lace, I will cry!

The dress I wore for the Church Ceremony had lace from the top to the bottom, all the way up to the high neckline. I don't know how to actually describe the pattern you can see in the photo, but I know it is some kind of floral design, there are some big flowers and some smaller flowers spread all over the dress.

What I especially love about this design is that the floral pattern isn't too clustered, so it gives that simple and classy effect. The dress is not doing too much, it is just enough.

Beautiful. In addition to the floral design, the spirals you can make out in the photo linking the flowers together really ties the entire design together, sometimes I feel like with dresses that have floral prints you can get lost in the various flowers but with my dress you can focus on both the print and the lace.

As you can see from the photo above the dress isn't too long, meaning that I could move around pretty freely without fear of the dress tripping me up. Furthermore, the dress really wasn't that tight, so I didn't feel like I couldn't breath especially with the high neckline, it is easy to feel uncomfortable with a high neckline because something is surrounding your neck, for me however with this dress I didn't have that problem at all. It was quite loose and gave me the comfort I needed.

Sometimes you don't have to suffer for fashion.

The dress has a sweetheart neckline covered with the lace high neckline, if there was no high neckline and just the sweetheart neckline on its own it would have made a huge difference to the look of the dress I believe. I feel like dress would have lost that elegance and sophistication.

That doesn't mean I am saying a sweetheart neckline is not sophisticated, it certainly can be, but I believe the high neckline accommodates the lace very well and if anyone knows, lace is a very classy piece of fabric. When you think of lace, you think 'WOW ElEGANCE' and for the individual wearing it, you think 'WOW she/he has Grace.'

Let's move onto the accessories, an outfit is never complete without the accessories.

With a dress this classy and simple I felt like I needed to keep the accessories to a minimum.

Anyone who knows me very well knows how much I love my chokers, every outfit I wear needs a choker and if my outfit doesn't have one I will end up feeling very lost.

Unfortunately due to the high neckline of my dress I could not wear my choker and had to rely on my earrings to give the dress a little something something. My earrings were simple with a small diamond and they dangled, perfect for this dress.

The clutch bag. Whenever wearing a dress it is important to consider what bag you will be carrying because it is the biggest accessory next to maybe the shoes you will be wearing.

I don't own many clutches, in fact I have two in total because it is not a necessary item in my closet. The clutch shown in the picture above is the clutch I took for my Year 11 Prom and it just happened to go with my outfit, if I had to choose which elements of this bag I liked, it would be the studded ring design and the colour.

First of all, the two rings which are entangled is a great embellished design and second of all, where can you go wrong with the colour silver?

I also really like the practicality of the bag, I have the freedom to carry it as a clutch or sling it over my shoulder. I decided to sling it over my shoulder as I felt more comfortable and honestly I wanted to really show off the bag with my dress.

Guess what comes next...


If you have read the description I wrote in the 'Fashion Essentials' section on my blog, I talked about 'walking in confidence', which included walking in heels. I can finally talk about one of my babies in my heel collection!

Heels hold a special place in my heart. If I had a choice I would never wear flats, but unfortunately that is not possible especially since I go to Uni (#sadtimes).


DAMN THEY ARE BEAUT! (If I do say so myself).

Just like the clutch, these heels you see are the shoes I wore for my Year 11 Prom. I got my money's worth for my Year 11 Prom because I have reused everything, I wasn't about to leave my shoes and bag stuck back in my closet never to be used again.

These studded, platforms with a criss cross design running all over are my go to shoes for any type of formal wear, because once again they speak elegance.

I have to say they are quite comfortable, but like with any type of heels after a long period of time you want to take them off. That doesn't mean I can't hack heels, I can definitely HACK them, however with the dancing that takes place in a Nigerian wedding it is best to carry slippers as a back up.

Both my bag and heels are from ALDO, so a huge shoutout to ALDO for making my collection special with these two items!

You are probably wondering where I got my red, lace dress from... I got it from ASOS on Sale last year and unfortunately ASOS seems to have discontinued it. However, I have provided 5 lace dresses I like and would recommend for my Queens, all from the website ASOS just incase you are in the mood to buy and trust my opinion.

I have chosen what I think is a good price, but what you have to bear in mind is that ASOS can sometimes be very nice with their pricing and other times they can be extra... you have to decide whether it is worth it or not. I have chosen these dresses according to my size, you can pick your own size if you wish to purchase.

1. Prettylittlething lace fluted sleeve skater dress in red, £40,00

2. ASOS Design lace pencil midi dress with frill pinny bodice, £55.00

3. Forest Green ASOS Design lace v neck mini smock dress, £35.00

4. ASOS Design scuba broderie trim pephum midi. £55.00

5. Boohoo embroidered mesh tiered lace dress, £32.00

Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post! Part 2 of the outfits is up next!

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