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We have moved on from Part 1, moved on from the Church Ceremony and moved into the second half of the Wedding. This is the Reception.

I changed from my sophisticated and elegant red dress to a blue and orange Native Nigerian dress in the Evening.

I decided to wear this dress to match the colour scheme the couple had given their guests; blue and gold, unfortunately I didn't have anything matching this in my closet so I thought the safest option would be my blue and orange dress.

The dress I am wearing is a traditional piece of Ankara made in the style of a cut-shoulder dress with bright patterns and a collar (which you cannot make out from the photo, sorry I am still getting the hang of photography).

The patterns on the dress is something to really focus on because they stand out, as you can see from the photo above the orange circles you can see are quite large and have some detail, it actually almost looks like the inside of an orange!

Coming out from the large orange circles look like petals (which you find on a flower), the dark tones of these petals contrast to the brightness of the orange. I think this a nice contrast because it means the dress isn't too loud.

Moving towards the top of the dress, the bright orange colour scheme continues, however it is now a different design. It now incorporates LACE! I am sure you know how much I love lace from reading part 1 of the outfits, the lace found in this dress is one of the reasons why I chose to wear it as my second outfit for the day.

There is a chain of lace going across the top of the dress near the collar and it is a kind of floral design, almost portraying a sunflower.

My favourite aspect of the dress are the cut-shoulders, I love to wear anything that is cut-shoulder or off the shoulder simply because I believe it suits me and I feel comfortable with it. I believe the cut-shoulders really adds to the dress and completes it.

I was happy with the choice I made for my second outfit and believe it really made me stand out in the second half of the Wedding.

Not only did I changed my dress in the evening, I also changed my shoes. Beforehand I was wearing my platform, sliver studded heels and now I was wearing my platform, suede black heels, another favourite in my collection of heels.

These babies you see in the photo above are unique and beautiful, they are also very comfortable and go with literally anything. I can wear them with something as casual as jeans or I can wear them with something as formal as the dress I wore in the evening. They went perfectly with the dress I was wearing and I chose to wear these as opposed to the ones I wore in the morning because I felt it complimented the dress better. I felt like the silver, studded shoes were way too serious for the 2nd dress.

My black, suede platforms are from New Look and for anyone looking for a great, comfortable pair of heels please try New Look, they really don't disappoint!

Moving onto the final event of the weekend, the Thanksgiving Service on Sunday! We have come to the last outfit!

Another cut-shoulder dress in purple with a brown sheer neckline. Another favourite in the Nigerian part of my closet.

This dress has a very similar style to the dress I wore in the evening a day before, the cut is the same and the design elements are almost the same.

The patterns found on the dress are larger and grab your attention, I cannot describe it word for word but it is kind of like a circle with many spirals within it and what I love about it is that it is designed using various colours, some are white and some are red.

Something in particular that I love about this dress is the BLING! You may not be able to see it very well from the photos, but there are small pieces of diamonds scattered all over the dress and also there are some sparkles spread around the brown sheer neckline. With the lilac colour of the dress and the small diamonds together, this dress really POPS!

My accessories:

1. My silver choker (I was so happy that with the dress I wore on the Thanksgiving Day I could put on a choker, it wasn't something too detailed or too large so it didn't take attention away from the dress).

2. My bag (which happened to be the same silver clutch I carried during the Church Ceremony).

3. My shoes (the same pair of heels I wore for the church ceremony as I thought these studded heels would go well with the sparkles and diamonds on the dress).

4. My two green rings: just like my silver choker, my rings are a must. I decided to wear the two green rings you see in the photo because I felt it worked well with the colour scheme and frankly I love wearing them, they are so vibrant!

I hope you have enjoyed the R.O.S.E series, I am sorry it took so long to put these blog posts out!

Stay tuned for more looks and some interesting posts to do with London Fashion Week!

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