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Enlarging God's Kingdom Series

SOOOOO, I have decided to launch a new series on my blog, which will be a part of my Faith Essentials page! (If you haven't checked out this page please do, you will find it in the column right above my blog, and also check out the 3 posts I have written for this page by either clicking on the 'Faith' tag or 'God' tag).

I am so excited to announce this new series because I feel it is necessary in today's society to highlight the work Royal Daughters are doing for the Kingdom of God. I will be focusing on females because this is my main audience for my blog and I believe it is important to show the future 'Esthers' some Queens who are already making their mark in society.

What is 'Enlarging God's Kingdom Series' all about?

Enlarging God's Kingdom Series is about showcasing and highlighting certain individuals who are achieving their God-given calling and growing their seed. I refer to this as 'enlarging God's Kingdom' because I believe people who are acknowledging and walking in their destiny in order to help those around them, who may not know of God are enlarging His Kingdom. This is crucial because we are all called to be servants and we are the salts of the Earth meaning that we are needed.

I am going to be conducting interviews with various women, asking them about their purpose, passions and walk with God. I will also be asking them to give any advice on how to enlarge God's Kingdom. I hope and pray that this series will touch your heart and transform you! I pray that no longer will you be thinking about your own Kingdom, instead you will start to think about God's Kingdom.

My first interview will be published on my blog very soon! I will not tell you who my first interviewee is because I think it is best left as a surprise.

Stay tuned and get ready to be blessed!

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