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I don't need to settle for less.

Why ride a bicycle when you can drive a car?

Why walk when you can run?

Why float when you can swim?

Why settle for less.

I don’t need to.

I need to hold my head up high and believe in that crown upon my head.

I need to take a look at the diamonds HE has given me.

I do not need to rely on that guy smiling at me as I walk past.

Or if he grabs my hand and wants to speak to me.

You’ve noticed me?

Well done.

Have I noticed that I am a Queen?

Am I still bowing down when I should be standing up?

I am going to pat myself on the back when I smile at the image I see in the mirror.

I am not going to cry anymore.

Instead I am going to scream and you lot are going to hear me.

I am going to put myself first.

I know my worth.

It isn’t to make you happy.

It is to make myself happy.

I don’t need to settle for less because I have a throne waiting for me.

Time to take my seat.

My fellow Queens, please go and listen to Ray Blk's song 'EMPRESS'

All I can say is TRULY AMAZING.


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