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Letter 4: I belong to HIM

Dear Queens,

Sorry it has been a while.

It feels like I have been sprinting a mile, when I should be walking.

Something dropped in my spirit today and I was starting to get scared that He had forgotten me.

But He told me: “I belong to HIM.”

All I could do was smile.

With that huge grin on my face.

I thank Him for my Grace.

I thank Him for my potential.

I thank Him for my Crown.

I thank Him.

I belong to Him wholeheartedly.

My body cannot move without Him.

I cannot breathe without Him.

I cannot even take one step without Him.

Queens, do not leave Him behind, grab His hand and never let go.

This season is about freedom, liberation, but I am set FREE to belong to Him.

That diamond He has placed within you belongs to Him.

You may feel hidden, hidden from the world.

Your treasure is hidden?

Guess what? You belong to HIM.

I cannot express it enough.

Queen Esther’s Husband thought he had her.

If only he knew, she belonged to someone greater.

I belong to someone greater.

Say this everyday my Queens.



Love you all my future Queens xoxo

Signed Esther X

Stay tuned for this Saturday as I will be publishing two very exciting blog posts at 5PM!

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