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I have some very exciting news to tell you guys, I am going to be working for an amazing organisation called AMMPEWorld.

This organisation is the Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers. HOW AMAZING DOES THAT SOUND?!

I may sound a little too excited, but it is my dream to work for an organisation like this.

I don't know if you guys know, for a while now I have been talking about how important our voices are as a female, especially in a society where we can feel isolated. Well, AMMPEWorld is having this very same conversation at their 23rd Conference from November 6th-9th.

They will be discussing about a range of topics, from 'Storytelling and Why Diversity Matters', to, 'Diversity Beyond Gender'. It is a 4 day event, meaning that you can attend all or just one.

Although this event may seem like it is only for females who are looking to go into media, that is not the case, anyone can come! I think it would be pretty awesome for all of you to meet some QUEENS and take part in some amazing conversations.

However, if you cannot attend, don't you worry because I will be covering 2 days of this event in my BLOG! (I really wish you guys could hear me screaming right now, my mind is blow at how amazing this experience is going to be).

I will be covering the first event, which is 'Storytelling and Why Diversity Matters' on the 6th November held at the BBC Broadcasting House. I will also be covering the last event, 'Diversity Beyond Gender' held at my University (University of Kent, Medway).

In addition to my covering some events, my best friend Juliana, the creator of 'THE JULY BIBLE' will be covering the 3rd day at the GOOGLE NEWS LAB!!! She will post about her experience soon after the event. I have included her blog link, so please check it out!

I want to see my all my QUEENSSSS come to this event, I promise you won't regret it!

If you would like to attend, visit the website below, where you will need to register.

Oh I almost forgot to mention, the event is FREE!


If you would like to follow AMMPEWorld on Social Media, you can find the details below:

Twitter: @AMMPEWorld

Facebook: AMMPEWorld

Instagram: ammpeworld

Hope to see you all there!!

Don't forget to watch out for my two new blog posts coming out tomorrow, 5pm!

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