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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

I am pretty sure you can tell from the title the news I am about to talk about.

I am a journalist student in her 2nd year and one of my first tasks for this year was to create a feature article in the design of a magazine of my choice. I decided to choose 'MAGNIFY' because I identify with it hugely and I love love the topics they discuss.

Then I decided on my topic, my topic was focused on 'How Black British women were making their mark in society, despite the stereotypes they face on a daily basis.'

I decided to write about this topic because first of all, it is not popular and secondly, I am passionate about females valuing and using their potential as you can see already from my blog.

I thought to myself who would be more perfect to do my main interview than the 'SLAY IN YOUR LANE' Authors. It was my dream to interview Yomi and Elizabeth, because of everything they stand for and believe in, these women are making a huge difference for the future generation of black women by having a conversation about the difficulties we face, but also encouraging us to believe that we can be everything we want to be.

Having them on the cover of my article was a dream come true because Yomi and Elizabeth are the true essence of what it means to be a Queen. If you haven't read their book 'SLAY IN YOUR LANE' you are really missing out, I can promise it would change your life. No Joke.

Not only did I get to interview Yomi and Elizabeth but I also got to interview three other amazing Queens, Fisayo Longe, Elvira Vedelago and finally Victoria Azubuike. I just have to thank God because none of this would have been possible without His Help, He is constantly watching me and guiding me towards a better and greater place!

Anyways, I've rambled on enough!

Here is the final product:

Here is the completed interview I did with Yomi and Elizabeth below: I really hope you enjoy it!

Interviewing the ‘Slay in your Lane’ Authors, it was clear both females had no idea how successful their book would be and how many lives they would impact, till this date there are still women praising and appreciating Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene for creating ‘The Black Girl Bible.’

As a Black British woman from Nigeria, Marketing Manager Elizabeth felt as though the book market was missing the Black-British female experience, especially because there were not a lot of Black female authors out there, with this in mind, ‘Slay in your Lane’ later came into existence.

In Elizabeth’s own words: “Back in 2015, when I was working in the city in my first corporate job and I was encountering challenges, around things like how to get ahead in the workplace, I called my best friend, Yomi and asked her if she could write a book that would be for me and my experience as a Black-British female in the workplace, we eventually then decided to work on it together.”

The rest is history, as they would say.

This ‘Black Girl Bible’ focuses on many different areas, from work to education, to health, to entrepreneurship and so on. Within these areas, there are many important messages, but Co-Author, Yomi Adegoke as a Black, British woman with a Nigerian background, emphasises one in particular and this is creating your own ‘definition of success.’

“The biggest takeaway from would be creating your own definition of success and very much ‘slaying in your lane’, plus being your own person.” Said Yomi.

She explained that on one hand, African parents will tell you to be a doctor or an engineer and then on the other hand you have the media telling you have to be either be a sportsperson or a musician in order to be successful.

In addition to this, Yomi stresses that statistically for black women, they live in a world which often literally opposes success and blackness and as a result, black women have a very narrow definition of success.

This is the reason why both authors decided to interview 39 different women, in order to show that black women can do anything they put their mind to and to also arm them with good advice for the hurdles they face and often cannot avoid.

Interviewing 39, successful, black women was an amazing experience for both Yomi and Elizabeth, however, it was especially exciting for Yomi as she spoke to Marketing Mogul, Karen Black. After watching her from afar, being able to interview her was such an enjoyable and inspirational experience for our Co-Author.

Slay in Lane is a book for the future generation and it was very important for Yomi and Elizabeth to encourage young, black females into thinking like a successful, powerful woman. It was also important for Yomi, including the women they interviewed to emphasise the message of authenticity.

“One of the women we interviewed, Vanessa Kingori, who is the publisher of British Vogue spoke about the fact, that as black women in predominantly white spaces, we are all going to stand out anyways, so it is often best to use that hypervisibility to make a positive impact in whatever room we are in, in order to bring positive contributions forward.” Said Yomi.

Feminist and Journalist, Yomi Adegoke explained that if young black women are looking to shake up the status quo, replicating the same, oppressive structure and similar behaviours that we see in society as black women isn’t going to achieve change. However, when you continue to be yourself and use your difference as something to bring to the table, you can do something positive.

Yomi again used the example of the 39 women she interviewed for ‘Slay in your Lane’, she described them as trailblazers and believed none of them got where they are today by acting like everyone else.

Stay tuned for my blog post on AMMPEWorld where the topic of 'Why we need diversity in Storytelling' will be discussed.

I will also post very shortly a Fall eyeshadow look, featuring beauty blogger and my best friend Juliana!

Wait. I am not finished yet.

But I will keep what I am working on for my blog in the future a surprise.

Patience my Queens.

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