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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Welcome to the first look I created for the Fall season. I mentioned on my blog post a couple of weeks ago that I was going to create a fall make up look with my best friend and beauty blogger Juilana, she is the creator of The July Bible, if you have not visited her site, please do it is amazing.

Anyways, back to the actual make up look, I already had an idea of what I wanted it to look like in my mind. I knew that I wanted to work with the colours orange, burgundy, pumpkin, brown and gold. This is because when I think of the season Fall, I associate it with these colours.

Me and July had agreed beforehand that she would do her skin and I would focus on the eyes, simply because she is more comfortable with her foundation, powder etc.. and I love doing the eyes because for me it requires the most detail and the most technique. We decided that we wanted a glowy, dewy look with some simplicity, but also some POP! Because if anyone knows me, I always need something dramatic. This is what I decided to do with the eyes.

Here is the full tutorial, I will link all the products we used in the post.

  1. First of all, July wanted to clean her face completely in order to make sure there was no dirt, oil or grease on her skin.

I decided to take a picture of her before make-up was put on to highlight how effortlessly beautiful she is without the use of make-up and also to create a before and after effect.

  1. After cleaning her skin, July moved onto priming her skin, for this she used the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Radiance. Now, if anyone knows Juilana you will know that her make-up collection is extensive, which means she has some high-end products and some drugstore, low-end products. Smashbox is quite high-end, but it is one of the best primers out there and I say this with experience.

She applied her primer with her fingertips all over her face, in order to achieve a glowy base before putting on her foundation.

  1. Moving onto her foundation, Juilana used the foundation; Urban Decay’s Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid foundation. She applied this using her wet beauty blender as opposed to a foundation brush because she is more comfortable with this and she believes a foundation brush creates streaks on her face. For this look we didn’t want full coverage, so, we applied only 3 small pumps of the foundation and blended it into her face.

  2. Next was the concealer, which was Tarte Rainforest of the sea Aquacealer Concealer. Again blending this using a beauty blender, we applied it under the eyes, chin, nose and forehead. To set the concealer, she used NYX HD Finishing Power, using a fat powder brush.

  3. Moving onto the contour, Juilana used Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Shape Shifter. She applied the dark brown shade using a contour brush to her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. It was interesting watching this step as I never contour! In addition to contouring she highlighted underneath her brow and her cheeks using the same palette with a fan brush.

  4. Then came the blush, which was from MAC in the colour Peach. I am not too sure what it is exactly called so I won’t be able to link it, but you can use any rosy, peachy blush to achieve the same look.

  5. One of the last steps was her eyebrows. Juilana naturally has full eyebrows (JEALOUS) meaning that she doesn’t need to fill them in, draw them or conceal them. So, instead, she simply filled in the places where she lacked hair using the Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit and set it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel.

  6. The last step was to set it, using Makeup Revolution’s Pro Fix Illuminating Fixing Spray.

Now moving onto my part! THE EYESSSS.

The Palettes I used for this for my Pumpkin Spice look was:

  1. Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette

  2. Makeup Revolution’s Soph Ultra Eyeshadows Palette

  3. Violet Voss Ride or Die Pro Palette

Unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact shades I used, I can only describe it.

  1. My first step was to apply a base shade, which I took from the Naked Heat Palette. It was a light beige shade and I used my finger to apply it all over the lid.

  2. Next I began to work on July’s crease. The first shade I used was a burgundy shade from the Ride or Die Palette, I didn’t have to put much product on the blending brush as it was very pigmented! I gradually blended it into July’s crease until I achieved my desired look.

  3. After this, I went to blend in a bright orange, pumpkin type of shade, in order to fully create that ‘pumpkin spice’ effect. I used the same, thin-ish blending brush to apply this shade. The palette I used was the Ride or Die Palette.

  4. Then, I took a thicker and fuller blending brush to apply the burgundy colour once again into the crease, so that it was not overpowered by the pumpkin, orange shade.

  5. To create a smoky effect, I chose a dark brown shade from the Naked Heat Palette and used a blending brush and applied softly on the corner of the eyelid.

  6. Moving onto the front of the eyelid I used two colours, first from the Soph’s Makeup Revolution Ultraeyeshadow Palette, I used a subtle gold shade. I then went to the Naked Heat Palette and used a sparkly orange shade on top of the gold shade, using a flat eyeshadow brush. As for the inner corners of July’s eye, I used a white crystal type of shade from the Ride or Die Palette using a small, flat brush.

  7. To complete the look, July took her brown pencil eyeliner from MAC and applied at the top and bottom of her eye. Then she applied Too Faced’s Better than Sex Mascara. For her lips she used Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb.

  1. Once again to set the entire look, she used Makeup Revolution’s Pro Fix Illuminating Fixing Spray.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog-post, a huge thank you to Juilana for taking part!!!

The fall looks will not stop, I will be posting a fall lookbook very very soon!

Exciting posts to come, so watch out.

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