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Am I meant to be a make-up artist?

I don’t know about you guys but I think being a make-up artist or simply just doing make-up as a side hustle has become such a massive trend for us women today.

If it is not make-up we are doing, it’s something to do with fashion or even hair. Every major female influencer has most likely gone down the route of beauty or style.

I am saying this is a bad thing. It is just something I have noticed.

Have you ever wondered, why when it comes to women creating a business or doing some kind of side-hustle must it be associated with either dressing good or looking good?

I am not saying there aren’t female entrepreneurs out there who have not dipped their toes into the pool of beauty, I can name a couple in fact… Ruth Yimika Afolabi, Oprah Winfrey and my all-time favourite Michelle Obama.

However, there is something in today’s society that tells us females if you want to have a side-hustle and be successful in it, the easiest route is probably to go into fashion or beauty.

Don’t get me wrong I highly appreciate the Jackie Ainas and Patricia Brights of the world, but I believe we women have more to offer than just putting something on our face or wearing something on our bodies.

I know what I am writing may sound a little harsh, because they are some women out there who are passionate about beauty or fashion and believe this is their calling in life. There is nothing wrong with this at all.

I just know that we are meant to make our OWN mark in society, not simply follow its patterns.

Anyways there is reason why I decided to write about a topic like this weekend.

As you all probably know, I went to Paris last week for a couple of days to celebrate my mentor’s wedding and it was AMAZING.

Paris is truly beautiful, even though some of the drivers may stress me out with their driving a bit and me not being able to speak French was very challenging.

One of my close friends, who is basically like my big sister was a bridesmaid and she had asked me beforehand if I could do her make-up for the actual wedding day.

I am telling you now, when she asked me to do this I thought she was joking, so I laughed in her face. I kept thinking to myself, where does she see a make-up artist?

Yes, I am not terrible at make-up… I think I look alright with make-up, but this doesn’t mean I can do other people’s make-up well! Unless you count my mum.

Gabriella (my friend), said she has always loved the way I did my own make-up and wanted me to do the same sort of make-up that was done on my face from a beauty shoot I did a couple of weeks ago.

OKAY OKAY, so not only does she want me to her make-up, she also wants me to mimic the work of a PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST!

Of course, I had to open my big mouth and told her that I could easily create the look.

Who forced me?

So, it gets to the day of the wedding and there I am in my friend’s hotel room with my products and some of hers, which were a bit… simple.

Sorry Gabriella if you are reading this right now.

I start doing her make-up and I am literally just going with the flow, I am not even looking at the picture of myself to aid me when recreating the look. I am just painting away.

One thing which my friend said to me was: “Wow you do make-up so effortlessly,” she was even getting a bit worried because it was as though I had been doing make-up for years and she knew I wasn’t a professional.

Shows how much she trusts me… (jokes).

I think I did her make-up in roughly about 30 mins, as I had to do my own and be at the church earlier than everyone else.

I guess also because it was a natural glam, I didn’t need that much time to complete the look.

Overall, I was very happy with the end look and actually a bit shocked, because I have never had to make someone look good before. Apart from myself.

I applaud all of you MUAs out there! It is a lot of pressure.

After finishing Gabriella’s make-up, she told me that I should be doing make-up on the side. I of course laughed it off.

Then I went back to my room and began on my own make-up and my mum looked at me in awe, telling me that I looked flawless.

Not the best photo of my make-up, but it was the only pic I took of myself all day..

Something that I had just done in a rush?

Over the next couple of hours at least 10 people came up to me and told me that my make-up looked amazing, they also asked if I did it as a profession.

I just looked at them in confusion and thanked them.

Oh I forgot to mention that back at the church, the woman who did the make-up of the bride complimented Gabriella’s make-up and she told her that I did it. When she looked at me she said “Wow well done!”


This make-up artist is well known in Nigeria and if you visit her Instagram Page you can see how amazing she is at her job.

I began thinking to myself, am I meant to be a make-up artist?

Of course, that is not a question for me to answer. It is for God to show me.

I am still waiting for His answer and till then, I will be doing my friend’s make-up free of charge and showcasing them on my blog.

I am not going to call myself a make-up artist, because once I do that what I am doing loses meaning.

I want to do something unique and with each make-up look I am going to write a poem to accompany the photos, in order to show the women out there what we should stand for when it comes to being in the world of beauty.

Sorry I had to put this photo right here. Look how beaut these newlyweds are!

Stay tuned for my first make-up look featuring some gorgeous black QUEENS coming soon!

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