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Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Yes I am black and I am beautiful.

A lot of the time everyone around me tells me, wow you look great!

Is it because of the make-up on face?

Or do I wear a smile that is simply too hard to resist.

I may look great today, but am I going to look great tomorrow?

What in your book counts as 'great?'

Is it the lashes glued to my eyes so hard everything looks blurry?

Or is because of my perfectly defined cheeks?


I look great because I am wonderfully, beautifully and fearfully made.

Oh and also, I am a BLACK QUEEN.

It is so important to love your skin with and without enhancement, such as make-up. I know now that I look just as good without the use of beauty products... DO YOU?

Welcome welcome, ladies (and maybe gentlemen). I hope you are all feeling blessed this Saturday.

I also hope you are all feeling beautiful, but in case you are not, I am here to tell you today... you are beautiful.

And. You will never stop being beautiful.

Too many times, society feels like it has a right to tell us what is beautiful and what is not.

Too many times 'being black' goes into the category of 'sometimes beautiful' depending on our shape, size or colour.

Honestly I am tired.

Tired of being told 'wow you are beautiful for a black girl.'


'Wow you have a nice figure for someone who is so skinny.'

How about, I don't care what you think! I am beautiful regardless.

This blog post is not simply going to be a rant about all the wrongs within society, however.

I am here today to reveal my first ever beauty shoot.

But, first I have to get some things straight. Yes I was more than happy to take part of this shoot, put a ton of make-up on my face and pose for the cameras.

However, I only did this because I was comfortable and loved who I was on inside.

When I went home, used my make-up wipes I still smiled at the image starring at me in the mirror.

Of course I loved the photos I took and all the compliments I was receiving after I had posted the shoot on my social media.

I also loved the way I smiled in that first photo you can see at the beginning of this blog-post.

Honestly if the whole shoot was just me in my natural skin I would have been more than happy, but that is not how a beauty shoot works.

Before I show you the finished and polished photos, I have to say a big thank you to @makeupbymevo she is so talented at what she does! I couldn't have chosen anyone better to work with. PLEASE PLEASE GO CHECK HER OUT!!

Here are the photos you have been waiting for....

I close my eyes and let the light shine on me.

I hear the click of the camera and freeze.

I have no idea what I am doing, but I know all I have to do is try my best.

I've looked at myself in the mirror beforehand and I know I am beautiful.

Lights, camera and action!

(Do not ask me why I am doing my hands like that).

I open my eyes and smile.

Yes I am doing my hands like that again.

You can tell I am not a professional model.

I smile because I am a BLACK QUEEN.

Esther is a Queen.

She is smiling because of the crown placed on her head.

It isn't 'smize for me.'

It is smile for me.

A lot of editing went into this I am sure, so I want to be open about that.

This time I was told to smize, so I did my best Tyra Banks!

This has to be my favourite photo of them all!!

What I am starring at? I have no idea!

This is still a Beauty Essentials post, so of course I am not going to forget to show the step by step process.

Unfortunately I cannot list all the products because they belong to the make-up artist. However you can see some of the products used on her Instagram page underneath the photo she posted of me.


Here is the journey to the final product....






I hope you have enjoyed this long-awaited blog post!

Please do let me know what you think and don't forget to share with your family and friends.

Now, that I am not tied down by uni work I will be posting loads of content!! SOOOOO STAY TUNED....

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