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Updated: Aug 16

I know you have all been really looking forward to this blog-post ever since I shared the idea of it all over my social media.

I have been looking forward to writing it, because a lot of you have been wondering how I have gotten to a place of self-love and confidence.

I have been wondering myself too. The woman I am today continues to amaze me, the woman God has made me to be leaves me speechless. God has moulded me and shaped me into this beautiful image, something He saw from the very day I was born. It just took me a while to see this.

I want to tell you all something a lot of the time because of the society we live in, we think we have to conform to its definitions. Whether this be the definition of beauty, the definition of success or the definition of status. I was one of these individuals, I loved living according to the world’s standards because I thought that would make me acceptable.

I thought having straighter hair, nice make-up and hiding my body would make the world like me.

I didn’t know I had already been accepted by someone greater and somebody who loved me unconditionally.

I didn’t know I was already a masterpiece in somebody else’s eyes.

It has taken me a long time to love who I am inside and out. I used to think I knew who I was and was okay with every aspect of my being, when in reality I didn’t really understand my identity and I was good at letting the world tell me who I was.

The world attached labels to me and I didn’t disagree with it. When the world called me the ‘loud black girl,’ I agreed with it. When the world told me I wouldn’t be able to do journalism because my English wasn’t great, I believed I was a failure.

One of the biggest statements I believed was that there was no way God could love me as His daughter because I was not perfect.

This is a little taste of my journey, I was a woman who had no idea how to move past these statements and move forward into realising the potential I had.

I was a woman who couldn’t possibly imagine becoming everything God had called me to be. I thought I would remain in this ‘headspace’ forever, thinking that the world had a grasp on me.

The funny thing about the world is that it will make you think you can never change and no matter how hard you try its definitions will forever be instilled in you. The enemy loves to prey on this, by planting lies in your mind and actually making you believe it.

However, my God is greater and He has overcome the world. (John 16:33).

It wasn’t until I realised that my identity is secured in Christ that I started looking at myself as His masterpiece.

Sometimes we can be busy trying to find our identity in external things, such as the way we look and social media that we have forgotten to look within.

It makes me wonder if I had stopped paying attention to what the world thought of me and instead focused on what my Father said about what kind of journey I could have had.

But I thank God for opening my eyes and getting to experience His all-encompassing love that will never leave me.

However, before any of this was able to happen I had to make the choice for myself that enough was enough.

Enough living by the world’s standards.

Enough allowing the world to define me, and ignoring God’s truth.

You have to make that same choice too. If you don’t make that choice, you will continue to live under the world’s influence.

This may sound harsh, but nothing happens without a choice.

I am not going to lie and say it is going to be easy to make that choice, because as humans we are more likely to want to live in our comfort and less likely to make a change.

You don’t have to do it alone, you have a Father waiting for you to take hold of His hand and lead you down the right path.

Trust me taking that hand will be the best decision you will ever make!

Once I decided to say YES to GOD and NO to the voices in the world my life changed.

I started to see myself as wonderfully, beautifully and fearfully made (Psalms 139:14). Despite my many insecurities I chose to believe in who God says I am.







You are probably asking now how do I maintain this? How do I keep reminding myself of who I am?


Whenever I feel like I am not good enough, whenever I feel like wanting to let the negative inside, I remember to keep my focus on the Father. When I do this it is almost like I can breathe again.

I do this by living and dwelling in scripture, by placing God in the centre and keeping Him as my No.1 priority. Even though at times it is very hard, I have learnt to try my best and lean on the Holy Spirit because I know I cannot do it without Him.

I really hope this blog-post has taught you all some things and I hope you will begin to see yourself as God’s masterpiece.

Please do share with anyone you feel will benefit.

Until next time. God bless!

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