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You know when I said at the end of my ‘Babygirl Be Confident’ blogpost that I would be more consistent in 2020, well that might have to wait a little while because I have decided this January to take some time away from my social media and my blog.

It will be for around a month. My church and I are embarking on a 21 day fast, which started last week Saturday but I have decided to start my own on Monday. I have made the choice to take a break from the world (you could say) as well as from food. I know I am going to seriously need the Grace of God to go through with this.

I don’t know if you guys know this but last Summer when I wasn’t on my blog for like 3-4 months I was also away from social media, I pretty much deleted all my apps and wasn’t replying to anyone’s messages. Looking back at it now I probably shouldn’t have done that for so long especially when it came to not replying to people’s messages because my friends didn’t know if I was alive or not (LOL).

Now that I am taking another break, I want to do it the right and better way. This is why I am releasing another blogpost and letting you all know. I will be telling my friends as well don’t you worry about that.

You are all most likely asking why I have decided to do this, other than it is a way of contributing to my church’s 21 days of fasting because as you all should know, fasting is not just about food (watch Nia Cerise’s video on fasting) if you want to know more.

I also want to take a significant break from the ‘world’ because in 2020 (new decade) I have decided to be intentional with everything. This means being intentional with my blogging, my social media, my education, my future career, my relationships and most important of all my faith.

What does being intentional mean?

When I looked up the definition on Google, it said ‘being deliberate, on purpose.’

While yes on one hand this definition is somewhat accurate, I am doing everything on purpose. Another definition for me is knowing my ‘why,’ so basically knowing my reasons for doing things.

For example, the reason ‘why’ I am taking a break from blogging and social media is to make more room for my relationship with God. Honestly, I was telling my mum this the other day if I am not prioritising my relationship with God this year then it is not a good year (PERIOD)!

This brings me to my favourite verse in the whole Bible (Romans 12:2) ‘Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind daily.’ That’s what I am going to try my best to do this year, renewing my mind daily.

So, as my blog is all about empowerment and helping all you females become all you can be, I want to help any of you who are also thinking about having an intentional year.

First of all, you have got to know the areas of your life you want to be intentional with. If you want to be intentional with your career, write down why you want to intentional in that area and what exactly do you want to be intentional with in your career. For example, if you don’t want to take any job that comes your way, you instead want a job that ticks everything on your checklist, then WRITE that down along with your reason.

Second of all, give yourself some credit. Your intentional year is not always going to be perfect. What I mean by this is that one day you may remember you have to be intentional and other days you may completely forget. This is NORMAL, it is not a bad thing because you are human and sometimes other desires get in the way.

For example, with being intentional with your career it may not always be easy because you have to pay the bills and adulting is HARD trust me! Meaning that you have to take any job. So, please don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget to be intentional.

Lastly, Pray! You need to pray about everything.

The first month of the year should be about prayer, praying about what God wants you to do in this New Year. The same thing goes for what God wants you to be intentional about. It is so important in all things to go back to God.

This is what I am going to be doing in my break! I hope you all do the same.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog-post. I know you guys are going to miss me but I will be back before you know it!

If you haven’t read my previous post which I published last week Saturday please do while scrolling through the rest of my page!

See you soon.


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