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Hello my Queens (and maybe a few Kings). Honestly anybody could be reading and enjoying this series.

I really hope you have been learning from these amazing Queens here on my blog, I hope you have been taking in their message and I hope you are feeling inspired enough to do something for yourself.

I also hope you are all keeping safe during this period. I know it is very scary right now and things seem to be uncertain, but I am holding onto faith that God will win this battle.

One of the reasons why I decided to do a series like Woman of Purpose was because I wanted my readers to actually take in something that wasn’t so dark and depressing. It seems like everywhere we look we can’t seem to escape the ‘C’ word. So, I wanted to provide content that was light, inspiring and transformative.

This brings me onto my third interview with a young, female, content-creating boss.

If you haven’t heard of Adesola, also known as ‘Adessy’ where have you been sleeping?!

She is an amazing story-teller, documentary- maker, content-creating Queen.

The beautiful Adessy, the face behind the Navigate series

I have known Adessy for a while and I have always looked up to her, not just because of her infectious smile, her jokes (which may or may not be funny), and not even her unique style of dressing. I have looked up to her because of the way she does everything so effortlessly, with such grace and with humility.

If you have ever met her in person you would know what I am talking about.

Adessy has a passion to create content that makes people smile, she believes her gift is the gift of encouragement. God gave her this passion through talking initially and having conversations with people, to now creating content online, writing and making documentaries.

“My aspiration is to make people feel like they have gained something,” said Adesola when talking about her creations.

It seems for this young female that it is not just about having an idea, bringing it to life and then releasing it to the world. It is about more than that, she wants it to have meant something.

Her creations are always something to uplift people and make them feel good.

If you know Adessy or have seen her work on social media, you would know about ‘graduation’ and ‘adulthood.’

Let’s first talk about graduation. Adesola graduated from Warwick University almost two years ago and since then her life has been interesting…

She describes life after graduation as this: “I feel like I have been flung into a range of different experiences, graduation definitely hasn’t been what I thought it would be. However, this doesn’t mean it has been a horrible experience, it just hasn’t been anything I have known before.”

When I listened back to this I couldn’t help but smile because I feel like everyone has a different perception on what graduation is going to be like. Some people feel like they are going to finally be living like a true adult, with no rules or boundaries, when in reality their parents are still going to be texting them every five minutes asking them where they are. Other people are so afraid of graduation that they would actually consider doing one more year of University, even though they know deep down inside they hate their course.

As for Adessy, fresh out of University she went into a grad job with a start-up organisation and not long after that did she feel overwhelmed and sad. Adulthood was proving to be more difficult than imagined.

When this job had finished it was back to the drawing board, and what did she see… Nothing!

She went from a life of intensity and sadness to now having nothing to do but sit around and wait.

I can relate to this so much because this is what I have been doing for more than 6 months.

Despite being in a season of waiting for a while Adesola now has a job and we thank God!

This means that in the period of two years she has had three jobs. Not only has this added more experience to her CV, it has also helped her to grow.

“I have learnt a lot about myself, I have seen a lot and I can definitely say I am way more mature, more aware and I have more of an understanding of what it means to be an adult,” said Adessy.

One thing she said which resonated with me was that she has learnt to be more intentional with her friendships and what she lets bother her. She believes life is too short and she is not here to play games anymore.

Now let’s delve into adulthood shall we?

It would not be a complete interview if we didn’t talk about Adessy’s latest project, the Navigate Series.

If you didn’t already know, Navigate is a series on Adessy’s YouTube Channel where she talks about all things adulting.

She created this series after seeing how hard it was going from graduation to becoming an adult. She found herself sad a lot of the time and struggling with the adjustment, in this she thought she couldn’t be the only person feeling this way.

So, one day Adesola saw one of her friends who was featured in a Navigate video and he tweeted something that resonated with her so much, in which she said ‘OMG you are going through the same struggles as well!’

This led her to creating a series where everyone could take part in the conversation about adulthood.

“For me what made me want to do Navigate was the fact that on social media we all post the cool things we are doing, so it makes it look like everyone is living really high-profile lives, when in reality there was a lot of uncertainty and I wanted to show this. I wanted to show that nobody was alone in the process,” said Adesola.

As a creative, things are very up and down. I know for me personally, being creative holds a lot of pressure because you not only need to put something out there, it also needs to be good.

For Adessy, she wasn’t born a creative. She literally prayed to God to become one and now she has to trust that this is the path God has put her on.

One question I didn’t ask my other two interviewees was:

‘Was it hard to find your purpose, if yes explain why…’

Adesola responded by saying this: “I think it is one of those things where it is more of a point of recognition, because for me I don’t necessarily focus on purpose.”

“I think it is a buzz word for this generation and that is not to say that living intentionally or doing what I was created to do isn’t important. It is more in regards to people worshipping what they feel like they were put on earth to do and they focus on this more than they focus on God.”

She believes people put too much pressure on themselves to know exactly what they are supposed to do instead of taking it one step at a time.

Throughout her years, Adesola has learnt one very important thing and that is not to take life so deeply. In today’s world most of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to become a success or achieve something, but in the grand scheme of things none of this matters. According to this young Queen, as long as your relationship with God is intact, your family are safe and you are content then all those things that meant the world to you will start to not matter as much anymore.

“It makes you put into context that things will pass and good things will come,” said Adessy.

Moving onto my last and favourite question:

‘Finally, what advice can you give to those young females out there today still searching for their purpose?’

To which she answered: “Well I feel like all my answers have contradicted this question.”

Don’t worry I am not finishing the blog post there.

Adesola continued to say: “I would say take each day one step at a time, journal and write down the things that you value, the things that make you happy and the things that make you tick.”

“Also PRAY. Pray, don’t be pressurised and trust the process because it is in the process that things will start to line up.”

I hope you enjoyed my interview with this Queen!

I know that I have been throwing these interviews at you so I am going to publish my next one in two weeks instead of one week.

This is will also give you a chance to catch up on my other interviews.

Until then please follow Adesola on all her platforms!

Adesola’s Insta

Navigate’s Insta

Adesola’s YouTube channel (where you can watch the Navigate series)


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