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Updated: Apr 27

Have you guys missed ‘Woman of Purpose?’

I know I have and it has only been two weeks. I hope I have given you all enough time to catch up with my first three interviews.

I am so happy today to introduce my fourth interview with the amazing Oyinkan, or some of you may know her through her English name which is Christina.

I have known Christina for quite a while now through church, I don’t know if she knows this but a lot of people used to come up to me and tell me just how much her and I are alike.

I used to give people a strange look, mostly because I didn’t know anything about this girl, so I didn’t know whether being like her was a good or bad thing.

However after meeting Christina I realised being like her was a very good thing.

As soon as I met her I was captivated by her infectious smile. If anyone knows Christina personally they will know that she never stops smiling.

See what I mean by the smile!

I was more than happy to interview her because she inspires me to be a more positive person and I have always wanted to hear about her story.

I hope you will enjoy reading her interview as much as I did.

From starting a clothing line to now having a skincare company, Christina became curious about skincare after a long battle with eczema all her life.

The gorgeous face behind Honey's Wellbeing

When I asked her if she had always been passionate about skincare her response was:

“I wouldn’t say I have been passionate, instead I would say I have always been curious about skincare. This is because I feel like anything you want to do in life or feel the urge to do is more about your curiosity than your passion.”

She went onto explain why she thought this, she believes passion dies, whereas with curiosity the more you feed it, the more you gain from it.

Growing up Christina had always struggled with eczema, in her case it was really severe and affected her self-confidence. In her mind she thought she could never start a skincare company unless she had perfect skin.

Although she never felt good enough, it wasn’t until when she was 20 in her second year of University that she finally felt able to start a business.

Her skin got so bad and became really stiff that she began to lose mobility. She wasn’t able to walk or do anything that required movement without someone’s help, people had to bathe her, feed her and cream her body.

Christina went from a woman so used to doing everything by herself to now being bound to a bed for two weeks.

When she eventually got to the hospital, her skin condition deteriorated even more. Every time she would try to leave the bed her skin would fall in sheets.

The way Christina spoke of this experience in such graphic detail was honestly so beautiful, because I could tell she wasn’t ashamed of it, in fact it made her stronger.

Let us move to the day in her bed where she knew she needed to do something to make an impact. She hadn’t lost her life and she thanked God for this. So, she decided to start something she knew would help people with their confidence.

“As a result I started my clothing brand which was then called ‘Vin clothing’ and then I decided a year after that I really wanted to share my story and this is where Honey’s skincare emerged from,” said Christina.

So what is Honey’s skincare, now known as Honey’s wellbeing?

“Honey’s wellbeing is more than a skincare company used to inspire people to think about their skin from the inside out. This is why it has been changed from honey’s skincare to honey’s wellbeing.”

“It is a company that helps people to focus on the inside, whether this be mentally or emotionally in order to see improvements in their skin,” described Christina.

If you think skincare is the only thing Christina has under her belt, you would be sadly mistaken.

She also recently started a podcast titled ‘Growing and Flourishing.’

This bubbly, ambitious and compassionate babe began ‘Growing and Flourishing’ out of a place of darkness. But she slowly began to realise it wasn’t darkness, it was her being buried and just as seeds are buried and grow into a beautiful plant that people admire, she would too.

In addition to this, she also realised that she was going through a period of growth and soon she would flourish.

“I decided to start a podcast where I could speak about my feelings and experiences in a very raw way, and maybe help people along the way too in their journey of growth. I think a lot of people are set in achieving their destination in life, their goals and they don’t stop to appreciate the journey,” said Christina.

She compared this to going on a roadtrip and deciding not to look out the window along the way. As a result you miss so many beautiful things.

She wants to show people that growth can be a beautiful thing, although it can also be painful at the end of the day it is a good thing.

The Growing and Flourishing podcast is not the only thing you can consume, because guess what…

Christina has also started a book club, where she shares different books people can read to inspire their personal growth.

As someone who left University and finished her masters not too long ago, Christina is on journey to discovering her purpose.

She believes our purpose is constantly being revealed to us and is constantly being unhidden. While some people know exactly what their purpose is and run after it, they will later discover other things and other places related to this. It is still the same kind of purpose just a different direction.

Despite this being an unpopular belief, Christina maintains it.

“I think our purpose is always evolving but right now I think I have a purpose to help people understand their minds, grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and just follow their dreams unapologetically,” explained Christina.”

Do you know what time it is?

It is time for our last question:

‘What would you say to those young females out there still searching for their purpose?’

“The first thing I will say is: nobody can be you, nobody has been you and nobody will ever be you, so you need to be yourself or else you cannot achieve the purpose you were born for,” said Christina.

So simple, yet so true!

I love the analogy Christina gave with this. She said it is like telling a clock to be a pillow, it is not going to be a very good clock because it is going to keep you up at night with all the ticking. A clock is used to tell the time.

So, whatever your purpose is, whatever your creator has created you to be, you need to follow that purpose by being yourself first.

Another thing she said which is so true, is that your purpose can also come from pain. You can fuel the pain you have experienced in the past into a purpose. She strongly believes that God doesn’t allow us to go through things in vain!

I hope you have enjoyed reading from yet another Queen!

If you would like to check her and her platforms out, you can do so by using the links below:

Christina’s IG

Growing and Flourishing

Honey’s Wellbeing

Until next time!


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