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Hello my fellow Queens and welcome back to the Woman of Purpose Series. I really hope you enjoyed reading my first interview with Sade Johnson of Melanated Magazine, if you haven’t read it you can do so by clicking the interview category on my ‘blog’ section.

I am here to introduce you all to another Queen in the making. Her name is Elizabeth Fashanu, but she is actually known as ‘HoneyLuxe,’ which I will explain more about later on in this post.

I decided to make her my second interview because even though I don’t know her personally, ever since she followed me on Instagram and I followed her back I have been so impressed.

I have been that quiet fan behind the phone screen, clicking onto her page to get some inspiration.

Did I mention how beautiful she is? She is simply stunning. Both inside and out.

She is also very supportive of the work I do with both my blog and the various pictures I post on Instagram.

I couldn’t have picked a more lovely subject to interview.

If you are ready to read about the sweet girl that is ‘HoneyLuxe’ please continue reading.

Liz Fashanu, in her mid-twenties, Nigerian and raised in London has a heart for Jesus and reaching out to those Christians and non-believers who want to know more about Christ.

Look at the beauty PLEASE!

Her love for Jesus inspired her and fuelled her to create a platform where she can share her passions, while being raw, authentic and vulnerable through God.

“I love Jesus and that is why I created my blog,” said the creator of Honeyluxeblog.

Liz, green tea lover found herself journaling a lot in her spare time at home. This eventually turned into a passion for writing.

In the first question I sent her, I wrote ‘Who is Liz, what is she all about, what drives/motivates her?’

Amongst various other hobbies and interests, one thing she said was: “I enjoy sharing what is in my heart, and I tend to do that through journaling.”

I can definitely relate to this because before I created my blog I had a very serious addiction to notebooks just because I wanted to write in them. It still till this day annoys the hell out of my mother when I go into a store and my eyes glow because of the various notebooks, pens and highlighters I see.

Not only is Liz a sweet soul, her name is also sweet.

Oyin, which is a Yoruba name and in English means Honey. Now I am Nigerian also and I had no idea this is what Oyin meant.

If you can’t pronounce this in your head I am sorry… maybe try to sound it out (lol).

I want to also say she is a saint, but knowing that she will be reading this I don’t want to embarrass her too much.

The reason why I want to say she is a saint is because of the work she does. She works in Children Services in her local council, which she described as something she always thought she would do.

“I think everything I have done and my experience has given me the ability to do the role I do now. I am very happy for that and I am very grateful to God. It is definitely a role that requires a lot of attention, but God is able to support me through it," said Liz.

But she is not just the Angel that saves and helps children, she is also the face behind HoneyluxeBlog.

‘Honeyluxe’ which is currently going under a revamp is a faith and self-development blog.

One thing I noticed about her blog was how unique the name was. ‘Honey’ comes from her Nigerian name and ‘Luxe’ is the shortened word for ‘Luxury.’

“I wanted my brand to be personal so I included my name in the title. As for ‘luxe’ I chose that because when I think about my brand and when I think about everything that involves me, I think about being comfortable and assured, ”said Liz after asking her about the name.

After creating her blog, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to impact people through just the use of Whatsapp and word of mouth. This led her to go on Instagram, something she hadn’t used in over 8 years!

“With Instagram being such a powerful tool I knew that it would make sense for me to join it and also use it as another platform to create content. I knew Instagram would get me the most engagement and eyes to my blog.”

However Liz made sure she was very intentional about it, she didn’t want to join without being sure of her presence and what she wanted to get out of it. She also didn’t want it to be about her, although it does include her face, it is about a lot more than that.

So, has she discovered her purpose in life?

“I don’t think it is a one-stop situation,” said Liz when asked the question above.

“I think there are certain goals that God has allowed me to see and He has definitely given me the steps to achieve them.”

“But it is all a process.”

“I am not there yet but I think I am still fulfilling what God has called me to do, it is just for me to follow His lead and follow the guidance He has given me and not allow the obstacles to hold me back,” said Liz.

Liz Fashanu knows one thing for sure, that the purpose God has given her is to use her personality, life experiences and passion for God to minister to other women. It is also to present herself as relatable, so that Christians and non-believers can be brought to Christ.

She wants people to know that God can use each and every one of them no matter who they are and where they are from.

My last and probably the most important question was: ‘What advice can you give to those young females out there today who are still searching for their purpose?’

Her answer is actually very similar to that of Sade’s, as the first thing she mentioned was to pray and ask God for guidance, believing He will give confirmation as to where He is trying to lead us females.

I love this because God is the one to give us our purpose. It says so say in Jeremiah 29:11.

As well as saying prayer, Liz also gave some practical advice: “I think another important step is to find a mentor who is in the field God is convicting you towards.”

“I would also say for women to get moving, as soon as you think God is telling you something don’t live in fear. You won’t get anywhere if you stay the same.”

In addition to this, she reminded us that we don’t need to wait for the perfect opportunity or the perfect person to arrive.

Instead we should continue to pray because nothing happens without prayer.

I hope you have been inspired by this woman of God. She really is something!

If you would like to keep up with her blog, you can subscribe by clicking the link: https://honeyluxe.co.uk

As I said before it is undergoing a revamp but will be ready on the 10th April.

Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_honeyluxe/

Until next time… please please share with all your female relatives and friends!

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