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We are officially halfway through the interviews for the ‘Woman of Purpose’ series, and they just keep getting better and better.

I don’t know about you but for me every time I read back an interview with one of the young Queens, I am still shocked at how talented and amazing they are. I am constantly being inspired by females who are choosing to make a mark in the world, using their voices and not being ashamed of it.

As always I am very excited to introduce my next interviewee, who goes by the name Melinda Wong.

For the first time since the ‘Woman of Purpose’ series started, we have crossed into international waters. Melinda currently studies in New Zealand, but lives in Malaysia.

I know Melinda through a friend of mine at University (shout out to Shinissa). Before even meeting her face to face, I had learnt a lot about her and one of them being how much her and I are alike.

Yet another person that I am apparently similar to.

I honestly don’t know where they find these women, but I thank God that I have gotten to know them.

Although I have only met Melinda once, I have continued to be inspired by her as a female and by her work.

If I was to create a list of the most inspirational women in my life, Melinda would be high on that list.

So are you ready to find out why I think so highly of this female?

Melinda Wong is a ‘hungry’ individual, and this isn’t just in terms of food.

I mean... look at this beauty

“Although I am a foodie, I don’t just mean this in a literal sense. I love to live my life to the fullest, so I am always hungry for the next project, for the next experience and the next phase of growth,” wrote Melinda.

She is naturally an action-oriented person and likes to make ideas come to life. This is how she came across her love for creating content, and also recently her passion for digital marketing and brand strategy.

Yes, we have another content creator. If you already didn’t know, Melinda is someone that shares her loves and passions through the online world.

Her Instagram page is filled with her experiences, her life lessons, things that inspire and empower her and of course her stunning face. Whenever I watch a ‘story’ of hers I always leave with a smile on my face and in that moment I have learnt something new.

I remember the day she started following me on Instagram, honestly I was even surprised that she remembered me. She sent me the sweetest DM and I guess you could say the rest was history.

I have always wondered what motivated Melinda, it seems like in everything she does she wants to make sure people are being transformed.

This could be through her content, her brand or simply through posting workouts on her Instagram page every day.

“In terms of motivation, I think what motivates me is the belief that life is what you make of it. As a kid, I wasn’t ever fixed on what I wanted to be. In fact, I was one of those who wanted to be a teacher, a vet, then a lawyer, the list goes on,” described Melinda.

“But, one thing that I’ve always known was that I wanted my life to be more, to have meaning. I wanted to impact people, even if it’s just a small handful of people, positively.”

Photoshoot Queen- the face behind meltalicca.co

I loved loved what Melinda said here because it is very similar to what I am trying to with my life. Whenever people ask what I want to do in the future or what I am aspiring to be like, I simply answer ‘a voice.’

I have learnt not to care or focus on a label/title for my life. This is because I believe God has called me to do many things, but above all he has called me to use my voice.

Another thing that continues to motivate Melinda is her father. It is her wish for him to be immensely proud of her.

When I was reading this back I couldn’t help but say ‘awww’ in my head.

Melinda is passionate about many things, but one thing she is ridiculously passionate about is growth.

She loves trying new things and having new experiences because she finds general openness to life tends to lead to a lot of personal growth.

One of the biggest lessons she has learnt these past few years is that everything is about perspective.

“From having my heart broken to losing a family member that was like a mother figure in my life in a year, I’ve realized that the theme that underlies our lives is change. You live, you learn and you change. I think the best way to live out your life is just to learn as many lessons as you can,” wrote Melinda.

After some time of talking with this young Queen, I have noticed various things about her, one of those being her strength.

Her strength is so admirable. She doesn’t and hasn’t let any painful experience define her, instead she has been transformed by it.

Although it may look like her life is perfect from the outside, Melinda didn’t have the easiest start to her life.

She wasn’t very lucky in the mum department, as she had schizophrenia (an illness caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain), which made her pretty violent sometimes.

As a result of this, Melinda focused on being a ‘good child’ and in Asian households most of the time this means being quiet.

For a while this meant she never got the chance to stand by an opinion or build her self-confidence, so she developed an inferiority complex.

However, she didn’t let any of this stop her and now she has grown into a woman who stands by self-love. If you know Melinda personally, you would know that her and self-love go hand in hand.

“I feel like most of us know that we matter and are cared for by people, but a lot of us need a little reminder sometimes when our mind is playing tricks on us and we are inclined to forget,” explained Melinda.

I am sure by now you are all asking what exactly Melinda is working on today.

Right now she is working on an Instagram account called ‘Meltalica.co.’ They are group of women, from different educational backgrounds, who work to provide daily content.

The content they put out typically revolves around providing marketing knowledge, tips, and tricks.

“It is designed as a means to engage, educate and empower people with information that can elevate them,” wrote Melinda.

This brings us to my final question, if you don’t know what this is then you may need to go and read my other interviews.

But, since I am so nice I will put it here: ‘What would you like to say to those young females out there who are still searching for their purpose?’

“Don’t focus on purpose. Focus on value.”

“Instead of asking what purpose do I have, try asking yourself: ‘What can I do for people’ and ‘How can I make their lives better?”

“Make your purpose about what you can give instead of what you can have,” stated Melinda.

I personally don’t think I need to add anything else.

I really hope you have been transformed from reading this interview with the Queen that is Melinda.

Please follow her using the details given below:

Personal IG: @meltalicca

Her brand’s IG: @meltalicca.co

Until next time, share with all your female friends and family!

Stay safe and blessed.


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