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Updated: Mar 23

Welcome, welcome to yet another interview on my blog. I know how much you loved the last one with the Founder of the Curly Connect, so I thought I would provide another one.

As much as it is for you, it is also for me. I love interviewing people, especially women who doing what they love to do.

I don’t think you guys realise how inspiring that is! It actually pushes me to do be the best possible woman I can be when I see other women making a name for themselves.

It is very important to not let ANYTHING stop you. Too many times we are busy making excuses as to why we can’t do something, for example we say things like: ‘I’m not good enough, people don’t care what I do, people are going to laugh at me or why change anything, I am happy with what I’m doing now.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have used many of those excuses before trust me! However I have gradually started to realise that the only person who can stop me from doing anything is God and I don’t hear Him telling me ‘I’m not good enough.’

This brings me onto introducing my latest interview subject, Tomi Ojo. Tomi Ojo is a content creator on YouTube, who sometimes uploads videos. Now I am not using the word ‘sometimes’ as an insult, I am writing it with intention. Tomi creates the things she loves, if this means that she doesn’t upload for while so be it. She just wants to show people what she loves to do, nothing more and nothing less.

Recently she has created another platform, this time on Instagram titled ‘Tomi Tries’ and it is a platform used to highlight the various, new things she is trying.

This leads me to the first question I asked her: What does Tomi Tries mean?

All images used in this post were given to me personally by Tomi

“Tomi Tries is just something I thought about when I made my YouTube Channel, I think it was my latest video where I was invited to teach cheerleading some weeks ago to some dancers, with a friend of mine, and I just titled it ‘Tomi Tries cheerleading for the first time.”

“So, Tomi Tries is basically me trying different things, one of my new year resolutions this year was to do more and that essentially means me having to try different things in order to do more things. I just want to try different things and have different experiences, whether this means going to different places, trying different foods and attending different events.”

“Tomi Tries really does mean anything, I am not putting limitations on anything I want to do, it is just an open book for me to try anything I am thinking about doing.”

I think this was my favourite quote from her, especially when she said she is not putting limitations on anything. I think sometimes we often like to think small when it comes to trying something new, we like to be so close-minded and like to believe that God can’t do anything or everything.

Lately, I have not wanted to limit myself so much that I regularly laugh at the plans I have.

You need to get to that stage where you literally laugh at your dreams, if you don’t then it probably isn’t big enough.

2. Why did you decide to create a platform like this?

“Basically I love Instagram, I really like the platform I think it is great for promoting yourself, promoting your businesses and just for showing the world what you do.”

“So my personal Instagram is very mixed, I’ve got highlights of myself and it features content from my YouTube channel. I didn’t want to revamp my personal page and make it a page for Tomi Tries, so I decided to create another account.”

“I decided to create this platform because I love what I do on YouTube, but not everything is going to be a ‘Tomi Tries’ video as that changes my whole brand, my YouTube account is about me uploading content that I really love hence way I don’t upload all the time.”

“I want people to see what I am doing, I want my posts to be solid posts for people to interact with and just understand why I am doing this.”

3. What message are you trying to send out there?

“I’m actually just saying this message for myself, but I do want everyone to push themselves to do something different. We live in an age where everybody is so used to routine, used to their same old lifestyle that nobody really tries doing something different anymore.”

“My message is just push yourself, don’t limit yourself, don’t stay in the box instead stay out of the box and actually jump into another one. I think it is important to utilise the time we have left in this world and do as much as possible.”

“I’ve never acknowledge all the good things I do even when people tell me: ‘oh wow this is amazing,’ I have normally just said ‘thanks’ and moved on. However, this platform is going to be my acknowledgement.”

‘I’m actually just saying this message for myself.’ Wow I relate with this so much, when I first started my blog it was for myself, I wanted to let out all the things I had been thinking about in my head, especially with my first ever post ‘Be Beautiful Be you’ I just got tired of how things ‘worked’ in society.

It is weird to think about it now how I started my blog and to see how much it has changed.

What I have to tell you is just START. Whatever it is you feel compelled to do or have been thinking about doing for a while, please just do it and more importantly do it for yourself.

4. Who are you trying to influence/inspire with this platform?

“Anybody and everybody.”

“I don’t really have a set audience, a lot of the people who are following this platform are either friends or family. I just want people to see what I do and think ‘hey maybe I can try that and just do something different.’ Hopefully it can grow to that size and capacity, that people can be influenced to something I have done.”

“I don’t have a set demographic, maybe in the future I will, but right now I am trying to inspire myself, it is hard to push yourself and to do something differently.”

5. Lastly, what kind of things can we expect from ‘Tomi Tries?’

“This question is the question I love the most, there are some big things coming up. Most of it is happening in the New Year which is crazy because I know we are not even in December yet ( this interview was conducted at the end of November), but I have got lot of plans.”

“Expect the unexpected, I think that’s something to take note of because what I have planned in the New Year is probably something people wouldn’t expect from me in 2020.”

“And I shall leave it that.”

We have come to the end of interview and I want to say a massive thank you to my friend Tomi for agreeing to take part in this.

If you haven’t already checked out her new Instagram account please do!

And if you haven't checked out my previous interview with the Founder of The Curly Connect, you can read it on the rest of my blog.

Until next time…

Stay blessed and start something new!


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