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The Dangers of Comparison

Hello Hello and welcome back to my YouTube Channel (LOL)! Clearly I am practising for the future.

Anyways, let’s get straight into the blog post shall we?

I am here today to talk about a very important topic and that happens to be comparison.

All around me I see individuals trying to become like somebody else instead of trying to become the better versions of themselves.

What I mean by this is that, in a society where we are all about ‘image gang’ we are too focused on ‘who is he/she’ as opposed to ‘who am I?’

I am sorry to say, but I happen to be one of the victims. As cliché as it may sound, sometimes I can be scrolling through my Instagram timeline, look at a photo of an influencer for example, like the photo and then spend the rest of day thinking of how I can become that photo.

It can be something as small as I like a girl’s wig and make the decision to make one exactly like hers, of course this isn’t a bad thing because sometimes we can get inspired by the things we see online. However, the danger comes when I don’t just like the wig, I begin to like everything about the girl. I start to question myself and say in my mind ‘why don’t I look like her’ or ‘how comes her skin is so perfect and mine looks like this?’

The fact that you can zoom in on images on Instagram can actually sometimes be considered as a curse, because it means I can zoom in on every single detail of an individual’s face or even an outfit and make comparisons.

I know some of you may think I am a bit crazy for thinking like this, but trust me it happens!

It might seem strange that I even have these types of thoughts, especially when I am always preaching about self-love and how we shouldn’t succumb to the definitions society places on us, but it is easier said than done.

Making physical comparisons is very easy to do, and it may lead you to start changing everything about yourself. For some people this can be as extreme as getting plastic surgery or it can be as simple as getting better make-up, and some of you are okay with doing this.

I am not here to judge you or to scold you because everyone is guilty of wanting to look better than they already are, I am just here to tell you that when you start doing this constantly you are falling right into society’s trap.

I believe society wants us to feel like we can always be doing better and most of the time this isn’t in a good way. It isn’t like a teacher encouraging us to achieve more, but it is instead like them finding any kind of fault in us.

Sound familiar?

Society will always find a fault in us, whether this be our age, race or gender. It will always say if you want to become one of us, you will need to change this about yourself. As I have told you guys countless times before, society has this image of perfection we are supposed to look up to.

This all starts with comparison. We start to notice how ‘perfect’ another individual looks or acts and from there we begin to slowly realise how imperfect we are.

If you guys were to ask me how we don’t do this, I would say start by saying you need to remember that you are not meant to be perfect.

If I want to go really deep, I would also say that the only perfect individual on Earth was Jesus Christ and He created all of us to be imperfect because we are HUMANS. This means that despite what we think might be perfect, Jesus doesn’t want that for us, He knows who we are and who we are supposed to be.

He created us to be away from the patterns of the world (Romans 12:2) for a reason, He knew the world would try to break us, tell us that we are not good enough and turn us away from that beautiful image He saw straight from our mother’s womb.

So, whenever you begin to feel thoughts like… ‘I don’t look as good as him/her,’ remember who God created you to be.

If you ever forget I want you to remember this scripture, which I have displayed on my blog: Psalm 139:14

I know some of you don’t compare according to physical looks and you may think this blog post is not for you. But, I am here to tell you that if you are one of those individuals who feel like they are not doing enough, and are basing this feeling on what other people around you are doing, then this blog post is definitely for you.

Once again I am a victim of this, I base how successful I think I am on how successful other people are around me.

If my friends or people I see on social media look like they are thriving, suddenly I am not doing enough.

This is so real to me now because of the season I am in. My whole timeline and plan has changed, it has almost been pushed back... this scares me because I know that all my other friends are most likely at a very different stage in their life to where I am now. Sometimes I really feel like it would be easier to be like everyone else, because I would feel like I am doing something right.

However, I am gradually having to learn that just because somebody is doing something with their life doesn’t mean that is the norm. I know I am on my own journey now and I just need to trust that this is where I am supposed to be.

I can be so focused on what other people are doing, I have forgotten that God has given me my own purpose in life and sometimes that can literally mean that I shouldn’t do anything and simply just wait on Him.

I know how ridiculous that sounds since our status is achieved by how much work we are doing, but we have to remember that doing what is best for ourselves is more important than trying to follow the world‘s ‘rules.’

If anyone ever catches themselves focusing on what other people are doing, let me remind you of a very important saying: STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!!

God created you because there is something that only YOU can bring to this world, so please why are you caring about what everyone else is doing?

Don‘t ever forget YOU are ESSENTIAL.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, and please if anyone has questions about this topic use either the comment box below, contact me on my Instagram or my email.

Insta: Esther_okusaga

Email: Estheroku@aol.com

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Until next time….

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