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I am sure from the title of this blog post, you may be a little confused.

If I am really honest I didn’t even want to write a blog post this week, because I had made the decision when I started up my blog once again that I would blog every 2 weeks. However, I couldn’t possibly keep all these various thoughts I have been having this week to myself.

I guess you could say that I have been ‘triggered’ many times this week. The word ‘triggered’ is a very popular word used today, especially by the younger generation and I feel like it is the most appropriate word for today’s post.

When I looked up the definition of ‘triggered‘ on Google, it said this on the Urban Dictionary:

“Getting filled with hate after seeing, hearing or experiencing something you cannot stand.”

I can say that this definition is pretty accurate, however, I don’t think ‘getting filled with hate’ is a good way to describe how I have been feeling this week. As my mother always tells me, ‘hate’ is a strong word.

Instead, I would say this week I have been getting really disturbed after seeing and hearing about things I don’t agree with.

In simpler terms, Social Media has been really ‘pissing’ me off you could say (excuse my language). Everywhere I go, I see something that honestly frustrates me and makes me want to roll my eyes.

This world has become so saturated with conflicting voices and particularly this month it has become worse. I don’t know if this is because we are getting closer to the end of 2019, so people feel like they need to have an opinion on everything? Or is it because we find it easier to judge/criticise a stranger rather than looking at ourselves?

I am sure by now you can guess what I am talking about…

Kanye West.

In the last couple of weeks, every single day there has been a new story about this Rapper now turned Christian. It’s ridiculous!

Once again we want to target public figures simply because we have the tools to do so and now almost everyone, including CHRISTIANS have ganged up against him.

I am not saying that you cannot have an opinion on this new journey of his, but to attack him and the work he is doing is honestly heart-breaking.

If you believe what he is doing is not genuine fine. If you believe it is genuine fine again. What I am trying to say is please don’t act like you are an EXPERT on what is going on when in reality you know absolutely NOTHING.

The one person who does know everything is GOD.

It seems that we Christians have forgotten what God said about this world.

He told us plain and simple that this world will hate us for the work we are doing just like the world hated His Son, Jesus.

Have we forgotten that once upon a time, people hated Jesus for the things He was teaching and sharing? Have we forgotten that these same people were so afraid of Him, they nailed Him to a cross in order to keep Him silent?

Are we not doing the same thing when we continue to reject the work Kanye West is doing for the Kingdom?

I don’t care if we are not 100% certain about whether his work is for real. The only person that knows truly is our Lord and Saviour.

Of course, I am not going to forget the mistakes He has made in the past, but guess what He is HUMAN just like us.

I can name many characters in the Bible that have made mistakes, but God without thinking showered his unconditional love over them and forgave them.

1. SAUL (Now referred to as PAUL).



I wrote this blog post to remind all of us that as much as we want to have an opinion on certain things, sometimes we actually need to be still and be quiet.

‘Sometimes there is so much grace in silence. There are too many conflicting voices in the world, and the only one we should be following is the voice of God.’

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and to anyone who feels annoyed by what I have written, I am sorry but it needed to be said.

My everyday make-up look will be coming out sometime this weekend! Please check it out on my Instagram page (Esther_okusaga).

If you would like to gain a different perspective on the whole Kanye West situation please check out Nia Cerise’s YouTube video which I have linked down below.


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